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    Mimecast offers a cloud-based web security software that can minimize the cost and complexity of managing Internet security.

    The evolving challenge of Internet security for businesses

    For businesses, ensuring a secure web experience has never been more difficult. The web is the second most commonly used vector for cyberattacks today, as hackers rely on the web and the DNS layer in 91% of malware attacks.
    The web is also a top distraction for employees at work and the source of shadow IT risks as employees engage in uncontrolled usage of cloud apps. To minimize threats to data security and productivity as well as legal and compliance risks, organizations must implement strong Internet security measures, especially at the DNS layer.

    Yet many organizations lack the technology to actively monitor DNS activity as well as shadow IT usage and employee use of the Internet at work. Many companies are stuck with legacy solutions or disconnected systems that are difficult to manage and are inadequate in the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

    Mimecast offers cloud-based web security software that can minimize the cost and complexity of managing Internet security, providing tools to prevent malicious web activity, block access to inappropriate websites and mitigate the risks of shadow IT.




    Business Internet security software must-haves

    Internet security is important for everyone, but even more so for businesses who are prime targets for cyber criminals. Plus, the size and scale of business operations pose a unique challenge that specialist providers can meet.

    Look for the following features in a business security software:

    • DNS Monitoring - This is essentially the monitoring of the communication between Internet browser users and the websites they visit. DNS monitoring helps stop malicious websites from delivering malware to employees, and can help prevent users on your network from visiting those sites.
    • Email security - Internal and external communication channels need to be protected from cyber criminals. Internet security software helps you filter out spam and protect your messages from being intercepted.
    • Seamless Integration with existing workspaces - One of the major challenges of Internet security is and integrating it into your existing workspace. Instead of building a workspace around security, Mimecast built its security around workspaces that you already use like Microsoft Office and G Suite. No need to change how your organization effectively communicates—we just add a few tweaks that allow you to operate more securely.
    • Security awareness training - For all that Internet security can do to help automate threat detection, human error still accounts for a lot of data breaches. Internet security should empower your employees to navigate the Internet safely and effectively without jeopardizing your organization or themselves.


    Partner with Mimecast, the right Internet security service provider for businesses

    Mimecast Web Security is a SaaS-based service that reduces the cost and complexity of securing the DNS layer while providing advanced defenses for greater Internet security. Mimecast enhances web protection with web filtering that uses a dynamic proxy to inspect DNS requests and apply anti-virus, SSL inspection, URL categorization and static file analysis.

    When a user requests access to the Internet by clicking a link in an email or on a webpage or by typing an address into a browser, Mimecast receives the DNS request for inspection and resolution. The website is scanned for malicious content and evaluated against acceptable use policies set by the organization. Users are granted immediate access to safe and acceptable websites, while suspicious or inappropriate websites are blocked, and the user receives a message in their browser with an explanation of why access was denied.

    Mimecast's Internet security solution is easy to manage and can be deployed in less than 60 minutes on average, providing rapid time to value and immediate protection against a wide variety of threats.


    Advantages of Mimecast Internet security software 

    With Mimecast solutions for Internet security, you can:

    • Prevent employees and guests using your Wi-Fi system from landing on sites that contain malware and phishing.
    • Block users from accessing sites that are inappropriate for business use.
    • Enforce acceptable use policies to mitigate security, legal and compliance risks.
    • Protect remote and mobile workers with consistent security and controls for devices on and off the network.
    • Ensure file downloads from the web are safe and free of malware.
    • Prevent compromised devices from communicating with hackers.
    • Protect data from obscure exfiltration attacks.
    • Monitor web usage with simple visualization of key metrics such as top accessed domains, blocked domains, and requests leading to malicious sites.
    • Manage which cloud apps can be accessed.
    • Integrate with Mimecast Email Security and with other Mimecast solutions for online brand protection and security awareness training.
    • Simplify management of security technology with a single, easy-to-manage solution.


    Improve visibility and control of cloud application usage

    Shadow IT is a significant problem for many organizations. The unauthorized usage of cloud applications by employees can create real security, legal and compliance risks. Mimecast Application Visibility and Control, part of Mimecast Web Security, provides insight into this blind spot, delivering full visibility into which cloud apps are being used by which employees and providing the ability to block or sanction apps as needed.

    Mimecast Web Security delivers:

    • Clear visibility into which apps are being used, by whom and how often.
    • Monitoring capabilities to better understand usage patterns.
    • Granular controls, with the ability to block specific apps or manage app usage by individuals, groups or all users.
    • Cross-platform and device management, delivering consistent controls and protection regardless of how apps are accessed.


    Internet security FAQs


    What is Internet security?

    Internet security is the collection of defenses that an organization uses to protect against cyber criminals who attempt to gain access to networks, data and money through the organization's network, browsers, operating systems and applications.

    As cyber crime continues to rise and cost organizations more and more, preventative services are more imperative than ever before.

    What are the essentials of Internet security?

    Traditionally, the essentials of Internet security include antivirus software, firewalls, multi-factor authentication and access control, and continual updates and patches to applications. As cyber threats continue to evolve, many organizations are adding additional Internet security measures that include DNS monitoring, security awareness training for employees, and email security measures to stop threats that combine email and web attacks.

    What's the most effective approach to Internet security?

    While a multilayered approach to Internet security is essential, managing multiple point solutions can be complex, time-consuming and costly. Mimecast offers a cloud-based platform that combines Internet security with email security and other threat protection measures to provide a single, cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution for business Internet security.

    What is business Internet security?

    Business Internet security refers to the defenses that an organization uses to protect against attackers that use the web to gain access to the organization's network to steal data, money and identities or to cause other kinds of damage.

    Why choose Mimecast Internet security over free Internet security services?

    It’s important to invest in the right Internet security services so that you can keep your organization protected by the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art security.

    Furthermore, free services do not always offer adequate protection to make them compliant with regulatory agencies such as HIPAA. In the event that a free security service fails to protect your organization from a breach, you may be penalized for not taking better precautions and investing in professional Internet security services.

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