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Welcome to the Mimecast contracts site, where you may locate various contract documents for Mimecast’s service offerings. Where your order forms contain a reference to this site, the applicable contract documents herein form part of your contractual relationship with Mimecast. These contracts were last updated on 18 March 2019.

If the party contracting for Mimecast is located in the United States, United Kingdom, Republic of South Africa, or Australia, then the (US/ UK/ RSA/ AUS) contracts below will apply. If the party contracting for Mimecast is located in Germany then the (Germany) contracts below will apply.


Email Services / Awareness Training Services

General Terms and Conditions (US/UK/RSA/AUS) (ENG)

Terms and Conditions / Geschäftsbedingungen (German) (GER)

Terms and Conditions / Geschäftsbedingungen (German) (ENG)

Awareness Training Terms & Conditions (US/UK/RSA/AUS) (ENG)

Compliance Protect Terms & Conditions (US/UK/RSA/AUS) (ENG)


Web Security Services

Web Security Terms & Conditions (US/ UK/ RSA/ AUS) (ENG)

Web Security Terms / Geschäftsbedingungen (Germany) (GER)

Web Security Terms / Geschäftsbedingungen (Germany) (ENG)


Service Levels & Support Description

Direct Customers of Mimecast (US/ UK/ RSA/ AUS) (ENG)

Customers of Partner MSP (US/ UK/ RSA/ AUS) (ENG)

Direct Customers of Mimecast (Germany) (GER)

Existing Customers?

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