You have customers you want to protect and a business you want to grow. Mimecast is here to help.

    We know today’s complex cybersecurity threats don’t make your job simple, but our team wants to make it easier. We understand that you’re on the front lines ensuring that customers are more resilient against attack. That’s why, every day, we work together with our partners to ensure our community is supported, engaged and armed for success.

    Why Mimecast?

    Why Mimecast?

    When you partner with Mimecast, you gain the competitive advantage. Join the global leader in cloud email solutions, built to solve emerging cyber threats and scale for customer growth.

    Be a Leader in Email Cyber Resilience

    Mimecast delivers best-of-breed security, archiving and continuity cloud services to 39,000+ customers worldwide.

    Gartner has named Mimecast a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving six years in a row.

    In 2016, Mimecast delivered the world’s first service specifically designed to stop CEO fraud.

    Drive Stronger ROI from Microsoft Investments

    Mimecast services are designed to complement and extend the core capabilities of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365™ to offer a unified email solution to your customer base.

    Give Clients Access to a Loyal Customer Community

    We know your customer relationships are the most valuable part of your business. Mimecast has a 110% retention rate, which not only means customer satisfaction and upsell revenue are at an industry high, but recurring revenue is an easy win for Mimecast partners.

    Meet the Demand of Today's Threat Landscape

    90% of organizations have seen email attacks rise or remain consistent over the last year.

    95% of all email breaches start with human error. Mimecast extends traditional gateway security to defend against malware-less attacks in email.

    According to the FBI, whaling email scams alone were up 270% from January to August 2015. The FBI also reported business losses due to whaling of more than $1.2 billion in little over two years.

    Reseller Network

    Email is the #1 cybersecurity attack vector. That sounds scary, but what’s that really mean?

    Every user has to be protected. Businesses must be resilient to attack. And you need access to the solutions, information, tools and know-how to help.

    As a Mimecast reseller, our interests and teams are aligned behind the customer. Your investment in our partnership is recognized and rewarded with solutions that are designed to be profitable and create recurring revenue opportunities for you.

    Our team and systems give you easy access to the knowledge and expertise you need to get your questions answered, timelines met, and deals closed.

    Managed Service Program

    Cyberattackers are sophisticated. Customers are demanding.

    Mimecast MSPs are fearless protectors who build business, loyalty and financial opportunity with our comprehensive, integrated managed solution.

    They want a security service that protects their businesses from threats. They want every email user to be safe against cyberattackers. They want a managed solution that is reliable, fast and flexible to deploy, and they want you to be there to support it when things go wrong.

    Maybe they are asking for a lot. Fortunately, Mimecast can help.

    Our MSP program gives you a sustainable financial upside with recurring revenue as you protect customers from malicious activity, human error and technology failure. Together we tackle customers’ biggest security challenges with a managed security solution engineered to secure the number one cyberattack vector – email.

    Integrate and Optimize

    Build Powerful Integrations

    Plug into one of the world's largest security ecosystems. Find everything you need to build powerful apps and integrations with access to a robust API.

    Learn more about Mimecast's technology alliance partners that help joint customers achieve stronger security for their organization

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