We help organizations Work Protected through a ONE community defense approach.

    The Mimecast Partner ONE Program sets the foundation to simplify and scale partners’ business models and routes to market, further enhancing the partner experience while accelerating and securing the customer cybersecurity journey.


    Why Mimecast?

    The Partner ONE Program provides partners:


    Accelerate partner’s differentiated GTM strategies through performance-based programs.


    Through the power of together, it's never been easier to meet customer needs.


    Enablement model supported by a team committed to partners’ long-term success.

    Reseller Network

    Email is the #1 cybersecurity attack vector. That sounds scary, but what’s that really mean?

    Every user has to be protected. Businesses must be resilient to attack. And you need access to the solutions, information, tools and know-how to help.

    As a Mimecast reseller, our interests and teams are aligned behind the customer. Your investment in our partnership is recognized and rewarded with solutions that are designed to be profitable and create recurring revenue opportunities for you.

    Our team and systems give you easy access to the knowledge and expertise you need to get your questions answered, timelines met, and deals closed.

    Managed Service Program

    Cyberattackers are sophisticated. Customers are demanding.

    Customers want a security service that protects their businesses from threats. They want every email user to be safe against cyberattackers. They want a managed solution that is reliable, fast and flexible to deploy, and they want you to be there to support it when things go wrong.

    Maybe customers are asking for a lot. Fortunately, Mimecast can help.

    Our MSP program gives you a sustainable financial upside with recurring revenue as you protect customers from malicious activity, human error and technology failure. Together we tackle customers’ biggest security challenges with a managed security solution engineered to secure the number one cyberattack vector email.

    Integrate and Optimize

    Build powerful integrations.

    Plug into one of the world's largest security ecosystems. Find everything you need to build powerful apps and integrations with access to a robust API.

    Learn more about Mimecast's technology alliance partners that help joint customers achieve stronger security for their organization

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