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    Email Security

    Global Wealth Management Firm Does More with Less by Tapping into Mimecast’s API Ecosystem

    Global Wealth Management Firm


    • Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection, Splunk API, Palo Alto API


    • The lean cybersecurity team at the global wealth management firm needed to maximize its security resources to protect thousands of endpoints without the hassle of building and maintaining custom code. The team was looking to integrate and automate its SOC platform to deliver best-in-breed protection


    • Integrated protection across the organization and at every endpoint
    • Ability to benefit from a fully automated SOC
    • Small SOC team has full visibility and can quickly identify and respond to threats

    For a global specialist bank and wealth management firm with 15,000 employees internationally, cybersecurity is about maximizing the capabilities of its lean security operations center (SOC) team to thwart any potential targeted and nontargeted attacks.


    “We run a lean team, and as a result we started deploying targeted attack simulation to stress test our controls and give our board of directors peace of mind,” says a senior cybersecurity team member at the company. “We learned from these attack simulations, that we needed to pay attention to email security, and we contacted Mimecast to help with threat detection and email gateway security at first.”


    Customer Vision

    “We have a small, but experienced team skilled at simulating attacks from various vectors. We realized quickly that we could build our own security code to deter attackers, but maintaining this code is a burden,” says the team member. “Early on, we reached out to Mimecast for its email security with targeted threat protection, and quickly asked them to help us build an API network that could stop attacks at our weakest points. Mimecast was up for the challenge and began integrating with security partners, including Splunk and Palo Alto Networks, to address attacks from all venues.”

    The team member adds that while our team continues to build its own security open-source code, relying on the Mimecast API ecosystem has helped its small SOC team block threats and malware before they reach end users. “We have multiple security tools protecting every endpoint,” the team member says. “It’s like having three closed-caption televisions zeroed in on each endpoint, making it difficult for the bad guys to penetrate our defenses.”


    Customer Strategy 

    Mimecast’s Security Ecosystem program allows the global wealth management firm to optimize and automate security investments. “We created a playbook to automate our security program into a SOC platform, starting with simple functions and working our way to full automation,” the team member says. “Mimecast and its API partners are in lockstep with us and made this process easier.” When you have smaller security teams, automation and efficiency is vital, whilst still providing optimum protection.


    Customer Outcome

    The global wealth management team is able to secure the organization through the Mimecast Security Ecosystem program and will soon make available its own open-source code to the Mimecast customer ecosystem. This way other customers can use this code in circumstances where they face the same challenges. “The reason attacks are successful is because cybersecurity teams don’t know what an attack looks like, so it’s important to have team members that understand and can simulate attacks,” the team member says. “Teams need to have visibility across the entire security ecosystem and can’t be siloed. It’s hard to defend against attacks if a team doesn’t have central visibility and controls. Attackers don’t care how we organize ourselves; they just look for weaknesses.”

    “It’s hard to defend against attacks if a team doesn’t have central visibility and controls. Attackers don’t care how we organize ourselves; they just look for weaknesses.”

    – Senior cybersecurity team member, Global wealth management firm

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