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    “We want Mimecast to be the place where you can do your best work, your best teamwork and do your greatest learning.” - Peter Bauer, CEO

    We’re an energetic, values led business who’s entered an exciting new chapter of growth and transformation, investing in our product, technology, and our people.

    We're working tirelessly to create exciting new capabilities, providing our people with unique growth opportunities unmatched elsewhere in our industry, as we accelerate real product Innovation, market expansion with a channel first approach, and always focused on our mission that matters - stopping bad things happening to good organizations. Now is the time to join us and drive growth that’s good for our people and our business.

    We'll continue to live the Mimecast way, with a culture that cares, striving to build a better business while we build a bigger business - for the benefit of our people, customers, and the wider community.

    Join us as our next chapter begins!


    Working at Mimecast

    Outsmart cybercriminals into extinction

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    Understanding the cyber security industry is of the utmost importance to be the direct link between the product and clients and lead prospective customers to cyber-safety when their organizations are at their most vulnerable.

    Know what makes Mimecast stand above its competitors, understand that the customer is our hero, and lead them down the path of a fully secure organization.

    Sales engineering   

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    Our Sales Engineering community brings technical expertise to influence prospective customers’ buying decisions by explaining our products through presentations, demos, and POC’s. We help connect customers and partners to market-leading technology, giving these organizations protection from cyber threats.

    Our Mime | OS platform underpins our ability to provide efficient processing capacity and application performance at great scale. A microservices architecture and Agile environment allows us to innovate rapidly and protect customers from advanced and emerging threats.

    Customer Success   

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    Mimecast offers legendary Customer Success from onboarding and intake of data, to 24/7 customer support and ongoing customer relationships. Represent the customer within the business, interface with all departments to deliver on customer value and customer delight and build loyalty that retains customers for life.

    Customer Operation   

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    Engineering and R&D    

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    This community of innovative people are the back bone of our organisation. They build the technologies and tools that power our platform which provisions our product suite of services to our circa 38,000 customers globally, giving these organisations protection from cyber threats.

    Our Mime | OS platform underpins our ability to provide efficient processing capacity and application performance at great scale. A microservices architecture and Agile environment allows us to innovate rapidly and protect customers from advanced and emerging threats

    Product Management   

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    Integrate people, data, processes and business systems to manage the Mimecast’s lifecycle. This includes planning, forecasting, producing and marketing our state-of-the-art products.

    Product Security   

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    Be the shield deployed to protect Mimecast’s organizational information from being modified, disrupted, destroyed or stolen.


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    This team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone in business knows Mimecast. Promote, support and develop Mimecast’s global brand as a thought leader in cyber resilience through integrated programs for digital, campaigns, PR, events, social and more.


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    While Mimecast protects outside clients, this team ensures that Mimecasters have access to world class technology products and services by establishing and monitoring its internal network of devices and connections.


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    Mimecast’s Human Resources department leads the strategy of people and culture that enable Mimecast employees do your best work and achieve their greatest learning. This team also has laser focus on the overall employee experience and works hard to ensure that Mimecasters all over the globe are proud of where they work.


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    Plan, direct and coordinate administrative services throughout the organization to make sure the business runs smoothly and efficiently.


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    Focus on the efficient and effective delivery of support services for the organizations that it serves, maintaining and managing corporate and regional offices around the world, and playing an integral role in the overall employee experience.


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    Provide a critical role in preserving the integrity of the business by taking preventative steps and ensuring the company, its employees and our customers are protected.


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    Working in such an incredibly competitive environment makes financial planning at Mimecast both complex and exciting. Understand the landscape and Mimecast’s models to assure the financial health and upward momentum of the business.


    Engineering careers at Mimecast

    It goes without saying that our people are central to our success, and what an exciting time to join the team as we focus on transformational growth at scale and bring together our product management and engineering organizations into one fully integrated team to support our growth strategy.


    Sales careers at Mimecast

    Our channel first focus means working in a fast-paced environment and with constant learning. The diversity of our clients, their challenges, and our partners means it’s essential to have experienced, knowledgeable, and integrated teams, allowing us to overcome challenges together, establish relationships and provide market-leading solutions. This not only provides you with growth that’s good – but daily motivation to help us achieve our vision.

    Early careers

    Mimecast gives you structured learning and real-world work experience enabling you to build on your education and develop your skills.

    Who We Are

    Awards and recognition


    Go for gold, not glory

    We save companies the embarrassment of awkward data slip ups by disrupting cybercriminal activity. We think fast, go big and always demand more. We work hard, deliver – and repeat. We grow with meaningful determination. And put success well within our reach. We empower each other, live by our values, and always deliver on our purpose. We push each other to be better and expect to be pushed back. This is a community of respect. Where everyone is counted.

    This is The Mimecast Way. We are Mimecasters. And we are alive with purpose.


    Outsmart cybercriminals into extinction

    Success isn’t easy. We work with hunger, grit, determination, and resilience to stop bad things happening to good organisations.


    We lead by example - and by learning all the time.

    We seek to improve on everything we do. We learn from one another and from our mistakes and take meaningful action to move forward as one.


    We’ll be here for you all the way. It’s a community effort.

    We take pride in our purpose. We strive to create legendary experiences for our customers, our colleagues and the community every single day.

    What we offer


    Growth that's good

    We support our Mimecasters with structured career development, performance empowerment, and internal progression.

    By identifying what motivates you, keeps you engaged and drives your passion to succeed and do your best work, best teamwork, and greatest learning.

    How we work

    We have a hybrid working model and strive to provide Mimecasters with the flexibility they need to live balanced, healthy lives while also strengthening our culture of collaboration and grounded in the Mimecast Way.

    Rewards and benefits

    Mimecasters are recognized and rewarded through a range of benefits and programs which are continuously reviewed.

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion

    Mimecast has taken a multi-dimensional, strategic approach to fostering an inclusive culture. Our strategy is informed by an approach that focuses on four key pillars: Career, Culture, Community and Commerce. This holistic approach will ensure that DEI is built into the heart of Mimecast.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Building on our longstanding commitment to a resilient world, Mimecast’s Resilience Together corporate social responsibility (CSR) framework was created to align our business goals with the needs of the communities in which we work and live.

    Where We Are

    Join a Mimecast community of more than 2,000 employees around the globe

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