Cyber resilience for email

    Organizations need to have a cyber resilience for email strategy that is easy to manage, lowers costs and is effective in preventing attacks before, minimizing disruptions during and recovering email after an attack.

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    Secure your email, people, data, and brand.

    Email Security

    Looking for the strongest possible protection for the top attack vector? Mimecast email security services help protect you against spam, phishing, ransomware, and targeted email attacks.

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    Business Email Compromise

    Business email compromise refers to the increasing trend of sophisticated email impersonation attacks. Learn how to protect your business against email fraud.

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    Google Workspace Security

    Make Google Workspace safer for your business and achieve cyber resilience with Mimecast's 100% cloud platform.

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    Protect yourself and your employees against ransomware attacks with Mimecast’s email security solutions.

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    Internal Threat Management

    Protect yourself and your employees from insider threats with Mimecast's internal email protection solutions.

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    Protect Against Impersonation Attacks

    Protect yourself and your organization against email impersonation attacks with Mimecast’s email security solutions for impersonation prevention.

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    Spear Phishing Protection

    Spear-Phishing emails are targeted towards stealing important information. Protect against spear-phishing attacks with Mimecast's spear-phishing protection solutions!

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    Employee Cyber Awareness Training

    Improve Employee Cybersecurity Behavior At Scale And Systematically Reduce Security Risk From Simple Human Error Mimecast Awareness Training helps reduce employee error and lower security risk by engaging employees effectively and our analytics identify employees who put your company in jeopardy.

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    Web Security

    Email and web are the top two vectors for cyberattacks, serving collectively as the initiation point for 99% of successful breaches. Mimecast is able to address the top two cyberattack vectors – email and web – with a single, fully integrated, 100% cloud security solution.

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    Governance, Risk And Compliance (GRC)

    Mimecast's governance, risk and compliance services provide solutions that offer data management and protection. Schedule GRC solutions demo today.

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    Email Backup and Recovery

    Ensure email data is never lost and quickly restore inboxes to a point in time with Mimecast’s email backup and recovery solutions.

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    GDPR Compliance For Email

    Reduce the risks of costly noncompliance violations and simplify GDPR compliance for email with Mimecast’s GDPR compliance solutions.

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    Email Continuity For Employee Productivity & Mobility

    Improve employee productivity and mobility with Mimecast’s email continuity, which includes self-service security features.

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    Cloud Email Storage Management

    Stop investing in outdated, expensive, on-premises storage management. Move email management to the cloud with Mimecast Cloud Archive solutions.

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    E-Discovery and Compliance

    Searching for compliance and E-Discovery service provider? Learn more about Mimecast's electronic discovery compliance solutions and E-Discovery services today!

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    Brand Impersonation

    Protect your customers, partners, organization, and brand with Mimecast’s brand protection solutions, which prevents malicious actors from impersonating your email domains and digital presence.

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    Supply Chain Attacks

    In today’s environment, it’s not just your own organization’s security you need to worry about – it’s your entire supply chain’s. Defend against malware-less inbound supply chain attacks and prevent spreading them with Mimecast’s email security and brand protection solutions.

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