Awareness Training

    Improve Employee Cybersecurity Behavior at Scale and Systematically Reduce Security Risk from Simple Human Error

    Mimecast Awareness Training helps reduce employee error and lower security risk by engaging employees effectively and our analytics identify employees who put your company in jeopardy.


    <p>Awareness Training</p>

    Don’t Get Hacked By Email

    The email threat landscape has changed. Security professionals need to evolve their strategy to solve today’s email security problem.

    A secure email gateway alone will no longer protect you. An Email Security 3.0 strategy, will enable you to implement a pervasive security approach with protection across three zones: your email perimeter; inside your network and the organization; and beyond your perimeter.

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    Archiving, Risk & Compliance

    Mimecast provides the secure, perpetual storage and policy management necessary with predictable per employee pricing and the scalability of a pure cloud architecture.

    <p>Archiving, Risk &amp; Compliance</p>

    Expert Insight.

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    Protect on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments from cyberattacks, data loss and disruption.

    Whether your organization runs Exchange, in the cloud, Exchange Online or G Suite, the business risks remain the same. 



    Mime|OS is the backbone to everything we do and the foundation of all Mimecast products.

    It is the ultimate SaaS environment, consistently growing, evolving and improving to deliver the true potential of cloud technology to customers and the entire Mimecast community now and in the future.


    Email and Web Security

    Email and web are the top two vectors for cyberattacks, serving collectively as the initiation point for 99% of successful breaches. Mimecast is able to address the top two cyberattack vectors – email and web – with a single, fully integrated, 100% cloud security solution.

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