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    Protect your brand by stopping direct domain spoofing

    Cybercriminals consistently take advantage of how easy it is to impersonate an organization’s email to dupe their customers, supply chain, and even their own employees. Domain spoofing, where an attacker essentially forges your email to make it look as though their communication has come from a trusted source, is a common tactic used in phishing campaigns and business email compromise (BEC). It’s a big reason why email continues to be the tool of choice for cyber attackers.

    Ignoring this problem can significantly impact your brand reputation, business relationships, and the successful delivery of your own outbound business email. To successfully combat this type of attack you need full visibility into all email senders using your domain to identify legitimate versus fraudulent senders. Enter Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC).

    DMARC Checker Tools

    DMARC Record Check

    DMARC Record Check is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to display your DMARC record, test it, and verify its validity. You can use it to test and lookup your DMARC record, as well as verify and test if your organization is using external domains.

    Check DMARC Record


    DKIM Record Check

    DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an email authentication technique that allows the receiver to check that an email was indeed sent and authorized by the owner of the sending domain. It works in combination with Mimecast’s DMARC Analyzer solution and with Sender Policy Framework (SPF), enabling you to safeguard email against spoofing, phishing, and impersonation.

    Check DKIM Record


    SPF Record Check

    Mimecast’s DMARC Analyzer solution provides an SPF Record Checker to validate your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record. The SPF Record Checker will validate SPF records on SPF record existence, check multiple SPF records, and more, allowing you to prevent bad actors from impersonating your domains.

    Check SPF Record


    Get started with DMARC Analyzer to protect your brand from domain spoofing!

    Gain full visibility into all email senders using your domain to identify legitimate vs. fraudulent senders and block delivery of all unauthenticated mail.

    What is DMARC?
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    What is DMARC and how does it work?

    DMARC is an email validation system designed to uncover anyone using your domain without authorization, and ultimately block delivery of all unauthenticated mail. It builds on existing SPF and DKIM authentication techniques by adding a critical element, reporting.

    DMARC reports provide detailed information about who is sending email using your domains. Using this information, you can specify what to do when emails fail DMARC authentication checks.


    Mimecast DMARC Analyzer key features

    Mimecast DMARC Analyzer is a 100% SaaS solution that reduces the time and complexity of enforcing DMARC authentication.


    User-friendly aggregate reports and charts for faster analysis and DMARC policy enforcement.


    Forensic reports to help track down malicious email sources.


    Quick and simple DNS updates with DMARC record setup wizard.


    Unlimited users, domains, and domain groups to ensure full coverage and a more effective project.


    Summary daily and weekly reports to track progress over time.


    Enhanced security with two-factor authentication.


    Check DNS changes over time and get proactive email prompts when a record changes.


    Managed Service option helps to de-risk and deliver DMARC enforcement in the shortest possible time, with proven deployment and project management expertise.


    DMARC empowers email senders and receivers


    • See who is sending email on your behalf, what mail is legitimate and what is not.
    • Publish a DMARC record to instruct ISPs what to do when email doesn’t pass authentication.
    • Protect customers and your supply chain against phishing attacks using your owned domains.


    • Distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent senders; quarantine or reject mail from all unauthenticated sources.
    • Protect employees by stopping impersonation and phishing attacks using your owned domains before they reach inboxes.
    How It Works

    Mimecast's DMARC Analyzer, explained

    DMARC is an email validation system to protect your business' email domains from being used in cybercrimes like spam, BEC, and phishing. When configured and monitored properly, DMARC policies are highly effective, and Mimecast’s DMARC Analyzer solution can de-risk and speed the enforcement process to protect your brand from abuse.

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