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    DMARC Management

    Gain control of your email domains, increase email deliverability, and put an end to spoofing attacks with Mimecast DMARC Analyzer.

    Protect your brand and stop direct domain spoofing

    Attackers are increasingly using your online brand as bait, using direct domain spoofing to trick your customers and partners into sharing credentials, sensitive information and even money, putting your brand and reputation at risk. That’s where Mimecast DMARC Analyzer comes in.


    Impostors abound

    Brand impersonation has risen by more than 360% since 2020

    Threats emerging constantly

    A new phishing site is created on the internet every 11 seconds

    Reputations at stake

    44% of companies have seen an increase in misuse of their brand via spoofed email

    Prevent email impersonation through domain spoofing


    Faster DMARC

    Save time with an easy-to-use cloud service and user-friendly DMARC reports.



    See and control who’s sending email on your behalf with real-time insights.


    Expert guidance
    and support

    Opt into managed services to get additional guidance and tips from Mimecast experts.

    Mimecast DMARC Management at a Glance


    User-friendly console

    Self-service tools, filters, and a recommendation engine help you see the whole picture.


    DMARC record setup wizard

    Go from onboarding to monitoring with quick and easy deployment right out of the box.


    Real-time insights

    Keep track of sending source locations, IP addresses and email deliverability data with forensic reports.


    Active DMARC monitoring service

    Ability to instruct ISPs to deliver/reject emails and enforce DMARC policy for receiving mail platforms.


    Get started with DMARC Analyzer to protect your brand from domain spoofing!

    Gain full visibility into all email senders using your domain to identify legitimate vs. fraudulent senders and block delivery of all unauthenticated mail.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Explore more details about DMARC Records.

    DMARC is Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, a technical standard that helps protect email senders and recipients from advanced threats that can be the source of an email data breach.

    DMARC builds upon the DKIM and SPF authentication protocols to detect when a threat actor is using a domain without authorization. DMARC is used to block the delivery of unauthenticated email.

    DMARC email security provides a way for domain owners to outline their authentication practices and specify the actions to be taken when an email fails authentication. DMARC also provides a way for recipients to report on email that fails authentication.

    DMARC benefits businesses by providing another layer of protection that guards against attacks like impersonation fraud, where an attacker uses a legitimate domain to send a fraudulent message.

    DMARC checks whether emails have been sent from an authorized IP or domain, specifying how domains can be contacted if there are authentication issues and provides the forensic information needed to monitor and quarantine suspect emails. 

    DMARC proactively reviews email message headers to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. DMARC works with DKIM and SPF authentication to verify legitimate emails before delivery and reject malicious emails before they are delivered.

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