Advanced Email Security & Resilience

    Block all email-based threats with best-in-class Email Security.

    Get world-class Email Security with total deployment flexibility

    As the top attack vector, email demand the strongest possible protection. Defend against even the most sophisticated attacks and stay one step ahead of threats with Mimecast Email Security. From phishing and ransomware to social engineering, payment fraud, and impersonation, we block the most dangerous attacks, delivering world-class email security in the way that best meets your needs.

    Whether your environment is large or small, complex or straightforward, partnering with Mimecast means you don’t have to choose between best-in-class email security and deployment flexibility.

    Which solution is right for you?

    No two organizations are alike. That’s why Mimecast gives you the best email protection
    in the industry, with two different deployment options designed to meet varying requirements.
    Whether your environment is large or small, complex or straightforward, well-resourced or lean and mean,
    Mimecast delivers world-class email security efficacy in the way that best meets your needs.


    World-class email
    security efficacy




    Email security trusted
    by 40K customers globally


    Email Security,
    Cloud Gateway

    A Secure Email Gateway in the cloud, Email Security, Cloud Gateway is designed to keep any type of email environment, even the most complex, secure.

    Offering advanced administration capabilities and a range of complementary solutions and integrations, it’s ideal for IT and security teams that want to control risk and tame complexity.



    • Optimized protections for any type of email environment — M365, Google Workspace, hybrid, on-premise
    • Support for large and complex email environments (FAA, AAA)
    • Advanced administration capabilities
    • Fast, easy integration with other security tools
    • Integrated, complementary solutions (e.g., Continuity, Archive, DMARC)
    • World-class email security

    Email Security,
    Cloud Integrated

    An Integrated Cloud Email Security solution that does not require an MX record change, Email Security, Cloud Integrated is purpose-built to enhance and extend M365 protections.

    Deploying in minutes and providing optimized protections out of the box, it’s ideal for IT and security teams that want to bolster M365 while making email security administration a snap.



    • Optimized M365 protections
    • Deployed in minutes
    • Out-of-the box settings
    • Minimal configuration
    • Simplified administration
    • One-click remediation
    • Extensibility through rich APIs
    • World-class email security

    The Challenge

    Enhance your email threat protection with AI-powered email security

    As the leader in email security for 20 years, Mimecast offers industry-leading detection and world-class efficacy trusted by 40,000 customers globally. By applying the right detection capabilities at the right time, we surround your communications with continuous protection to block the most sophisticated threats. The industry’s most robust view of the email threat landscape – derived from Mimecast’s inspection of 1.3B emails daily – powers instantaneous blocking of the vast majority of email-based attacks, while the latest in AI and machine learning provides intelligent detection of both emerging and unknown threat types. 

    Our Solution

    Our integrated email security product suite

    Mimecast offers the depth, breadth, and expertise needed to navigate an increasingly hostile threat landscape. Our fully integrated Email Security product suite provides best-in-class protection for the top attack vector – email – and reduces risk, cost, and complexity at every organization’s most vulnerable point: the intersection of communications, people, and data.


    World-class efficacy
    1.3B emails inspected daily, layered defense, and unparalleled experience deliver proven results.


    AI and machine-learning powered detection
    Models trained on billions of emails are applied across Mimecast’s inspections to continuously learn, optimize, and block the most dangerous threats.


    Total deployment flexibility
    The ability to deploy with or without a gateway puts you in the driver's seat.


    Comprehensive product suite
    Fully integrated, complementary products reduce complexity, increase resilience, and decrease costs.


    Rapid time to protection
    Accelerated deployment and best-practice configurations let you achieve complete protection as quickly as possible.


    Extensible platform, open API
    Fast, easy integration with other security tools such as SIEMs, SOARs, and TIPs opens up endless opportunities to accelerate detection, reduce manual effort, and optimize investments.

    Better Together

    Get complete protection for M365 and Google Workspace

    Enhance and complement the protections from your email security provider with Mimecast's AI-powered solutions for M365 and Google Workspace.

    What type of CISO are you?

    A tale of two CISOs

    Every organization is different — you have different resources, business needs, and risk levels. That's why Mimecast provides world-class email security, delivered in the way that best meets your needs. What type of CISO are you?

    Product Enhancements

    The power of together - fully integrated email protection

    One attack vector, one problem — what if that was all you had to solve for? You have to do more, so Mimecast does more too. Our fully integrated product suite lets you address a wide range of challenges simply, effectively, and affordably. Each of these solutions works seamlessly with your Mimecast Email Security service to enhance protections, increase visibility, and reduce complexity. The result? You can focus on controlling risk, not managing technology.

    Insider risk protection

    Prevent attacks from spreading internally and to your supply chain by applying best-practice inspections to internal and outbound email.



    Keep email flowing in the face of planned or unplanned downtime with easy-to-manage, intuitive mailbox continuity capabilities.


    DMARC management

    Get full visibility and control of who sends emails on your behalf by accelerating and simplifying implementation of the DMARC protocol.


    Social Engineering Defense & AI Cybersecurity

    Empower users with AI-driven email warning banners surfaced and updated in real time based on risk.


    Message encryption

    Let users securely send sensitive information with message encryption that’s easy for them to use and simple to administer.


    Email incident response

    Decrease the dwell time of cybersecurity threats and reduce the burden of threat response and remediation on your Security Operations Center (SOC).


    Ready to get started?

    Mimecast provides advanced solutions tailored to fit organizations of all sizes.

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