Email Security, cloud Gateway

    Secure Email Gateway

    Easily secure complex email environments. Customize policies. Integrate with and extend your security ecosystem. Get world-class email security efficacy.

    Block the most sophisticated attacks with an AI-powered, Secure Email Gateway in the cloud

    Get world-class, AI-powered email security with Email Security, Cloud Gateway — a 100% cloud-native Secure Email Gateway solution. You can easily manage complex environments, customize policies to meet your needs, and get essential added protection for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.


    As the top attack vector, email deserves more

    Email Security, Cloud Gateway provides the strongest possible protection against all email-based attacks — from phishing and ransomware to credential harvesting and zero-day attacks. You get world-class security, tailored to your specific needs.


    Get the best protection

    Block all email-based threats with AI-powered, industry-leading detection, trusted by 40K customers



    Easily manage complex email environments; consolidate and simplify security services


    Increase cyber resilience

    Keep email flowing, data secure, and people informed & empowered

    World-class protection

    World-class protection for any email environment

    Email Security, Cloud Gateway delivers world-class security and advanced capabilities that block all email-based threats, providing the strongest possible protection for the top attack vector. Extend risk reduction with solutions for archiving, continuity, security awareness, and more. Integrate across your security ecosystem to make email the eyes and ears of your business.

    An unforgiving cyber threat landscape

    The last 12 months broke records for the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks, with email
    as the primary target once again. The email security imperative has never been greater.


    of attacks start with an email


    of organizations are bracing for the fallout from an email-borne attack in the coming year


    of organizations were targeted by ransomware in the last year

    See It In Action

    See Mimecast Email Security, Secure Gateway in action.

    Advanced capabilities and granular controls from a comprehensive secure email gateway

    Designed to support even the most complex email environments, Email Security, Cloud Gateway puts you in the driver’s seat, providing advanced capabilities and granular controls combined with the ease of use, reliability, and support that today’s stretched IT and security teams demand.



    40K customers, 20 years of experience, 1.3B emails inspected daily



    Advanced AI and Machine Learning, identity and social graphing, models trained on billions of emails



    Customizable policies and configurations



    Fast, easy bi-lateral threat sharing with accelerated integrations to SIEM, SOAR, TIP, and more



    Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid — M365 & Google Workspace


    Comprehensive platform

    Complementary solutions, unified administration, reduced complexity


    Block all email-based threats

    Benefit from the next-generation of secure communications with:

    • AI-powered detection
    • Advanced phishing protection
    • URL Computer Vision and deep scanning of destination URLs
    • Advanced attachment scanning and detection
    • Spam filtering

    Easily manage complex
    email environments

    Easily integrate into enterprise security environments:

    • Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid; AAA or FAA
    • M365 + Google Workspace
    • Multi-region and/or geo
    • Frequent M&A

    Customize to meet
    your needs

    Easily set security policies and get increased visibility on all delivered and blocked email with:

    • Granular policy controls
    • User segmentation
    • Detailed attack chain logging and reporting
    • Remediation of newly identified threats
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    Enhance and extend Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email protections

    Seamlessly integrate with native cloud email providers:

    • Strengthens Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace native security
    • Purpose-built to augment protections and close security gaps
    • Proven to block the sophisticated attacks that incumbent email security providers miss

    Empower end users and prevent data loss with AI-driven warning banners

    Defend against highly targeted social engineering attacks and data loss with:

    • Identity and social graphing for anomaly detection
    • Embedded email tracker removal to limit attacker reconnaissance
    • Contextual email banners surfaced based on risk and updated in real-time across devices
    • Misaddressed email protection to prevent data loss
    cloudIntegrated_features_Dynamic Banners.jpg

    Reduce costs and complexity, increase resilience

    Tackle a range of security challenges simply, effectively, and affordably with:

    • Complementary solutions, such as Continuity, DMARC, Awareness Training, Archiving, and more
    • A fully integrated solution suite
    • Affordable, predictable cost of ownership
    • A scalable, reliable cloud-native platform
    Easily Integrate

    Easily integrate with other security systems

    Accelerate detection and response with:

    • Open API
    • Fast, easy bi-lateral threat intelligence sharing
    • Accelerated detection and response
    • Reduced manual effort

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    Product Enhancements

    The power of together

    One attack vector, one problem — what if that was all you had to solve for? You have to do more, so Mimecast does more, too. Our fully integrated Email Security Product Suite lets you address a wide range of challenges simply, effectively, and affordably. Each of these solutions works seamlessly with your Mimecast Email Security service to enhance protections, increase visibility, and reduce complexity. The result? You can focus on controlling risk, not managing technology.

    Insider risk protection

    Prevent attacks from spreading internally and to your supply chain by applying best-practice inspections to internal and outbound email.



    Keep email flowing in the face of planned or unplanned downtime with easy-to-manage, intuitive mailbox continuity capabilities.


    DMARC management

    Get full visibility and control of who sends emails on your behalf by accelerating and simplifying implementation of the DMARC protocol.


    Social Engineering Defense & AI Cybersecurity

    Empower users with AI-driven email warning banners surfaced and updated in real time based on risk.


    Message encryption

    Let users securely send sensitive information with message encryption that’s easy for them to use and simple to administer.


    Email incident response

    Decrease the dwell time of cybersecurity threats and reduce the burden of threat response and remediation on your Security Operations Center (SOC).

    Email Security, Cloud Integrated
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    Email Security,
    Cloud Integrated

    Instant deployment to your environment


    Looking for an email security solution that deploys in minutes and is optimized out of the box?

    Then Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Integrated may be the solution for you. An Integrated Cloud Email Security solution that does not require an MX record change, it's purpose-built to enhance native M365 protections, deploying in just minutes and providing out-of-the-box settings that immediately optimize security and make administration a snap. Coming soon!


    Secure Email Gateway FAQs

    What are secure email gateways (SEGs)?

    Secure Email Gateways work as a collection of different technologies that work together to block email threats. Secure Email Gateways or email gateways are an email security product or solution that sits inline on emails’ pathway from the web to the corporate email server. The gateway scans all incoming, outbound and internal email communications, including attachments and URLs for signs of malicious or harmful content.

    What type of email threats do secure email gateways protect against?

    Email is the number one vector used by hackers to get access to a company’s private data, using attacks like phishing. A secure email gateway product protects businesses from spam, viruses, malware and denial of service attacks (DDoS). Email gateways also offer protection from advanced social engineering attacks such as phishing, or business email compromise.

    Why are secure email gateways important for organizations?

    Secure Email Gateways provide pre-delivery protection by blocking email based threats before they reach a mail server, whether on-premise or on Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) or Google Workspace (previously G-Suite). Alongside blocking incoming threats, Email Gateways will also scan outgoing content. This can help protect businesses from data loss. Email security solution providers like Mimecast will provide Email Archiving functionality, which stores emails for legal compliance and data management along with Continuity and Security Training & Awareness solutions.

    How do secure email gateways work?

    Secure Email Gateways act as firewalls for email and can be deployed on the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environments. They reroute inbound and outbound email via proxy through its own agent, which then performs a scan of the email. The scan looks at different aspects of the email to decide whether it contains threats. If so, it filters the email. Mimecast's Email Security (Gateway) filtering technology uses dynamic threat intelligence feeds to determine which emails are malicious. These feeds may include blacklisted URLs, flagged keywords, or other suspicious qualities that suggest an email may contain a security threat.

    Who needs a secure email gateway?

    No matter the size of an enterprise, email and collaboration mediums are a prime target for cyberattacks, and a Secure Email Gateway is a security necessity to protect your communications, people and data. Secure Email Gateways offer the most vital level of protection against malicious messages and attachments. Using a Secure Email Gateway will allow all types of organizations to enhance their security posture with greater control, policy management and customized set-up.

    Ready to get started?

    Mimecast provides advanced solutions tailored to fit organizations of all sizes.

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