COVID-19 Cyber Preparedness and Response

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    A New Approach -
    Email Security 3.0

    The email threat landscape has changed. Organizations must evolve from a perimeter-based discipline to a pervasive discipline across three distinct zones.

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    Find Solutions for Any Size Organization

    IT and security teams who work together to defend, respond and recover from disruption demonstrate true resilience.

    Threat Intelligence Report: 100 Days of Coronavirus

    The Mimecast Threat Center analyzed the first 100 days of coronavirus-related attack campaigns – Malware increased 35% January-April, 2020. Download the report to see COVID-19 related attack volumes, and to understand how Mimecast can help mitigate the risk.


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    Global Security Leaders Outline Four Key Trends for How to Transform a SOC

    Cyber Resilience Think Tank Report Concludes Technology And Automation Can Not Outweigh The Human Element. Read more