Mimecast acquires DMARC Analyzer

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    Stop Bad Things From Happening to Good Organizations

    Comprehensive email security from perimeter to pervasive via an integrated cloud platform.

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    A New Way...Our Email Security 3.0 Approach 

    We combine our intense customer focus with our tremendous heritage of building solutions on a scalable, integrated platform to enable you to move from perimeter email security to comprehensive, pervasive email security.

    Reduce the risks that cause disruptive events. Mitigate the business impact when those events occur.

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    State of Email Security

    According to 1025 global IT decision makers and infosec professionals:

    • 53 percent

      of organizations experienced a ransomware attack

    • 65 percent

      saw an increase in business email compromise attacks

    • 73 percent

      have been impacted by business email compromise resulting in financial, data or customer loss

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