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    Simplify e-discovery & compliance, streamline IT environments, and ensure data is never lost.

    It has never been more critical to protect your email and collaboration data

    The consequences of not tackling your unstructured data challenges are more severe than ever. From emails and their attachments, to instant messages exchanged over platforms like Microsoft Teams, this deluge of data must be made secure, discoverable, and compliant. That’s exactly where Mimecast Cloud Archive can help.


    Runaway data growth

    Within 3 years, we are likely to see over 40 billion more emails sent every single day

    Rise of data disruptions

    40% of small businesses worldwide have reported losing essential data due to an attack

    Risk of costly mistakes

    In 2022, the IRS was allocated $45.6 billion to ramp up enforcement and corporate audits

    Make your data manageable again


    Simplify compliance

    Empower your IT, Legal, Compliance, and HR teams to quickly respond to legal inquiries or compliance audits.


    Keep data secure

    Shield your information against accidental and malicious data loss with a one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose archive, designed to protect you where you work.


    Transition painlessly

    Quickly migrate away from outdated legacy archives with minimal time and resources to Mimecast’s world-class data governance solution.

    Mimecast Cloud Archive at a Glance


    Accelerate e-discovery

    Mimecast Cloud Archive provides self-service, intuitive tools that empower your team to collect, discover, preserve, and review all types of collaboration data.


    Compliance with evolving regulations

    Streamlined surveillance enabled with easy-to-use review, escalation, export, and reporting tools in Supervision.


    Ultimate back-up and protection

    Protect files, folders, contacts, tasks, and notes from attacks, outages, or data loss with Sync & Recover.


    Preserved Microsoft Teams data

    Reliable, secure, encrypted copies of your data keep you protected against threats and risks with Archive for MS Teams.


    What our customers say

    Don’t take our word for it - Mimecast has protected organizations’ communications, people, and data since 2003.

    Customer Case Studies

    A Mimecast plan that fits your organization’s needs

    Mimecast offers multiple plans designed to meet your organization’s needs and enable you to Work Protected.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Explore more details about email archive.

    An email archive solution is a secure and scalable system designed to store, manage, and retrieve email communications. It helps organizations efficiently manage their email data, ensuring compliance, and providing quick access to historical emails when needed.

    An email archive solution offers several advantages, including enhanced data retention compliance, improved legal preparedness, streamlined e-discovery processes, reduced storage costs, and efficient email retrieval. It ensures data integrity and aids in maintaining a well-organized email environment.

    When selecting an email archive solution, consider factors such as data security, compliance with industry regulations, scalability to accommodate future growth, ease of implementation and integration, user-friendly interface, and robust search capabilities.

    An email archive plays a crucial role in disaster recovery and business continuity by securely storing email data in the cloud. In the event of a disaster, users can access their archived emails from any location, ensuring uninterrupted communication and collaboration. This cloud-based approach safeguards against data loss and minimizes downtime.

    From retention policies and legal hold configurations to advanced search and export capabilities, archive solutions should be highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of different businesses. This flexibility ensures that your email archive aligns seamlessly with your business processes and compliance mandates.

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