Archive & Data Protection

    Mergers and Acquisitions 

    Navigate through complexity with secure simplicity

    Key Points

    • Seamlessly appear as one organization to the outside world
    • Quickly and consistently implement new corporate branding
    • Eliminate email downtime
    • Ensure emails and sensitive data remain secure

    “Our Secure Email Gateway provides robust domain re-writing and intelligent routing capabilities that dramatically simplify email transitions associated with an M&A or divestiture, while ensuring best-practice security protocols are continuously applied."

    Once a business decides to move forward with a merger or acquisition (M&A), the pressure is on to align people, cultures, processes, and infrastructure to create a single, unified organization.

    Things get even more challenging when IT must manage a globally distributed architecture comprised of disparate email systems and archives, which can be complex to initially manage but also to consolidate. 

    Mimecast specializes in helping organizations make email safer for business, providing cloud-based security solutions that restore trust, and bolstering cyber resilience. Learn more about how Mimecast helps businesses simplify the complexity of a merger from day one.

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