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    Human Risk-Powered Security Awareness Training

    Invest in your human risk surface with award-winning, realistic, and effective training, simulations, and risk scoring.

    Your cybersecurity starts and ends with people

    Social engineering is the most common cause of breaches, and employees are being targeted with more personalized attacks every day. With Mimecast’s world-class cybersecurity awareness training in your arsenal, and managed services help when you need it, your people become a part of the solution.

    Opportunities for error

    Employees rely on email and collaboration platforms that are the perfect targets for threat actors

    Barriers to learning

    64% of employees don’t pay attention to security training programs, and 36% find them boring

    Evolving threats

    90% of data breaches in 2024 will have a human element, making it hard for security teams to keep up

    Identify and reduce human risk at its source


    Spark real changes in behavior

    Inspire a culture of risk awareness with the industry’s most engaging and humorous content.


    Pressure-test your resilience

    Test your employees’ attack-readiness with real, de-weaponized phishing attacks.


    human risk

    Track progress and find areas for improvement with dynamic risk scoring.

    Mimecast’s Security Awareness Training

    Invest in your human risk surface with engaging training, realistic attack simulations, and risk scoring.

    Mimecast Security Awareness Training at a Glance


    Rapid deployment in minutes

    Effortless configuration, automation, and scalable administration reduces your setup time and risk.

    Lighthearted approach

    Video-based micro-learning keeps employees entertained as they learn to detect and avoid threats.

    Actionable, comprehensive reports

    See how well your people are learning at both the individual and organizational level via risk scoring.

    Integration with email security

    Integrates with Mimecast Advanced Email Security to present an even clearer picture of user risk.

    What our customers say

    Don’t take our word for it - Mimecast has protected organizations’ communications, people, and data since 2003.

    Customer Case Studies

    A Mimecast plan that fits your organization’s needs

    Mimecast offers multiple plans designed to meet your organization’s needs and enable you to Work Protected.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Security awareness training refers to employee understanding of cyber hygiene, identifying the many ways attackers try to breach critical business systems or personal accounts, and how users play a critical role in stopping attacks to protect their organization.

    Research suggests that human error is involved in more than 90% of security breaches. Security awareness training mitigates user risk by educating employees about the potential mistakes and proper procedure they need to follow when utilizing email and the web. It promotes more secure behaviors to protect personal and organizational data.

    Effective security awareness training focuses on engaging today’s workforce to reduce user risk. Many security awareness training programs ignore education best practices, delivering training in one-off sessions that overwhelm users with information or worse, are forgettable. For training to stick, it needs to be persistent, delivered regularly in small doses, to fit employees’ busy schedules. Most importantly, positive reinforcement and humor performs better than fear-based or boring messaging to improve retention of critical security topics.

    The length of security awareness training programs varies widely. Mimecast's approach is to provide short training sessions on a monthly basis, delivering ongoing education that keeps security best practices fresh on employees' minds.

    Mimecast Awareness Training provides 12 to 15 modules of new information security awareness training content per year, ensuring that and users get fresh and persistent training throughout the year with updated learning about the continuously changing threat landscape.

    Our program includes security awareness training on:

    • Passwords, to make sure employees use strong passwords rather than personal passwords.
    • Privacy, to show how to protect personal information of employees, customers, partners and your company.
    • Phishing training, to help employees recognize phishing attacks and to show what happens when they are careless about responding to phishing messages.
    • PCI, to help employees ensure PCI compliance by recognizing and avoiding social engineering attacks.
    • HIPAA, to help employees avoid carelessness and oversight that can lead to a catastrophic breach.
    • Ransomware, to show how easy it is to succumb to an attack and how disastrous ransomware can be to companies and individuals.
    • CEO/wire fraud, to show what CEO fraud and wire fraud look like and what it feels like to be the person who lost thousands of dollars for the company.
    • Data in motion, to show how vulnerable data is when it's in motion, and how to protect it.
    • Office hygiene, to cover best practices for securing paper, desks, screens and buildings.
    • GDPR, to outline the data privacy rights that all employees must know and practice.

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