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    Manage risk, not technology

    Email and collaboration are where work happens. They’re also where risk occurs. The reality of malicious actors, human error, and technological fallibility has created massive complexity, as security teams deploy more and more disconnected solutions — 75 on average — in an effort to stay secure. The question becomes: how can you control risk without adding complexity?

    Enter the Mimecast X1 Platform, which powers the Mimecast Product Suite. By creating a fully integrated system of systems that integrates seamlessly with other technologies — from M365 and Google Workspace to complementary security tools, it turns email and collaboration protection into the eyes and ears of our customers’ organizations, transforming security from reactive to proactive.

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    Protect your communications, people, and data

    Email security & resilience

    Block all email-based threats with best-in-class Email Security.

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    Social engineering defense

    Empower users with AI-driven email warning banners surfaced and updated in real time based on risk.

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    Insider risk protection

    Prevent attacks from spreading internally and to your supply chain by applying best-practice inspections to internal and outbound email.

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    DMARC management

    Get full visibility and control of who sends emails on your behalf by accelerating and simplifying implementation of the DMARC protocol.

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    Keep email flowing in the face of planned or unplanned downtime with easy-to-manage, intuitive mailbox continuity capabilities.

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    Message encryption

    Let users securely send sensitive information with message encryption that’s easy for them to use and simple to administer.

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    Email incident response

    Decrease the dwell time of cybersecurity threats and reduce the burden of threat response and remediation on your Security Operations Center (SOC).

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    Security awareness training & user behavior

    Make employees an active part of your defense with award-winning content, real-life phish testing, user risk scoring, and targeted end-user support.

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    Web security

    Protect your employees against malicious and inappropriate websites with a 100% cloud-based service that integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent cyber protection.

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    Brand protection

    Safeguard your digital brand to protect employees, customers, and partners by identifying and blocking brand impersonation attacks exploiting websites similar to your own.

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    Data retention & compliance

    Unlock the power of your information, accelerate e-discovery, and simplify compliance with a 7x Gartner Magic Quadrant leading solution for Enterprise Information Archiving.

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    Compliance & supervision

    Reduce the risk and complexity of navigating dynamic corporate and regulatory requirements, while controlling audit readiness.

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    Archive for Microsoft Teams

    Decrease risk for the way your employees work today with security and compliance controls for Microsoft Teams.

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    Data synchronization & recovery

    Ensure email data is never lost and rapidly restore inboxes to a point in time with archiving and data resilience capabilities that are managed from a single, easily searched Administration Console.

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    Data migration

    Reduce the time, cost, and complexity of shifting away from outdated archive systems by dramatically streamlining and accelerating the transfer of legacy data to Mimecast Cloud Archive.

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    The Power of Together

    The Power of Together

    Designed to keep the key intersection of communications, people, and data secure, the Mimecast Product Suite means you don't have to compromise between security and simplicity. Though powerful alone, these solutions become your security X factor when deployed together, letting you control risk, optimize resources, and focus on what matters most — keeping your organization secure, not managing technology.

    Email Security & Resilience

    Protect Communications

    Email and collaboration tools are the beating heart of your business. They’re also the entry point for more than 90% of cyberattacks. 

    Block the most sophisticated threats, keep email flowing no matter what, and bolster protections for your people and your brand with Advanced Email & Collaboration Security from Mimecast. We provide the most complete protection available, delivered in the simplest way possible. The result? Communications you can trust.

    Security Awareness & User Behavior

    Protect People

    When successful cyberattacks are analyzed, they typically have one thing in common — some user, somewhere, did something that could have been avoided.

    Make employees part of your security fabric with help from Mimecast. Our award-winning Security Awareness Training platform is fully integrated with Mimecast’s Email Security solution, letting you demystify the relationship between behavior and risk. Through the collective power of engaging training, risk assessment, and integrated controls, you can create savvy end users who become an active part of your defense.

    Data Retention & Compliance

    Protect Data

    Companies today are deluged with unstructured data — from emails and their attachments to instant messages — that must be made searchable, secure, and compliant.

    Reduce risk and complexity with Mimecast's Data Retention solution. A 7x Magic Quadrant leader that’s fully integrated with Mimecast Email Security, it simplifies compliance, dramatically accelerates e-discovery searches, and ensures data is never lost. The result is decreased risk, lower costs, and safe data that becomes what it should be — an asset, not a liability.

    Mimecast Plans

    A Mimecast plan that fits your organization's needs

    Mimecast’s plans are designed to help you solve the business challenges you face.

    The Mimecast X1 Platform powers a fully integrated solution suite that delivers world-class protection for communications, people, and data

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