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    Offering unparalleled email and collaboration protection, the Mimecast Product Suite becomes the eyes and ears of our customers’ organizations and transforms security from reactive to proactive.

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    The attack surface has expanded. So have our solutions.

    Email and collaboration are where work happens. They’re also where risk occurs. The reality of malicious actors, human error, and hybrid work has created massive complexity, as security teams deploy more and more disconnected solutions in an effort to stay secure.

    Malicious Actors

    “By 2026 credential loss will be the No. 1 effect of phishing attacks.”*

    Human Error

    80% believe their company is at risk due to inadvertent data leaks by careless or negligent employees

    Hybrid Work Technology Fallibility

    “Although email is still the most common attack vector, many attackers use emails to begin the communication and then move it to Slack, Teams or any other collaboration platforms.”*


    *Gartner Market Guide for Email Security, Ravisha Chugh, Peter Firstbrook, Franz Hinner, 13 February 2023


    Industry-leading threat protection, supercharged by AI

    Mimecast blends advanced AI with proven defenses to deliver industry-leading protection against emerging threats.

    Integrate and Optimize

    Optimize your security investments, accelerate response times, and reduce manual efforts with Mimecast’s extensive technology alliance partner program.


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    Get expert support – when and how you need it – with packages designed to meet a variety of needs.

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