Email Security, cloud Integrated

    Integrated Cloud Email Security

    World-class email security. Optimized M365 protections. Effortless deployment.

    Global brands trust Mimecast to keep email protected

    Deploy AI-powered email security trusted by 40K customers globally with Email Security, Cloud Integrated — an Integrated Cloud Email Security solution that blocks the most sophisticated email-based threats. Only Mimecast can combine the industry’s most powerful detection capabilities with instantaneous deployment, effortless administration, and optimized M365 protections from minute one.

    Block email-based cyber threats

    More than 90% of cyberattacks start with email, and attacks are growing in volume and sophistication. From phishing and ransomware to credential theft and zero-day attacks, organizations of all shapes and sizes face a new world of risk. Get the most advanced email protection in the industry, delivered in the simplest way possible, with Email Security, Cloud Integrated.


    The industry’s
    best detection

    AI-powered, 40K customers, 1.3B emails inspected daily, 27K+ customers who use Mimecast alongside M365


    Instantaneous deployment

    Deployment in minutes, optimized M365 protections out of the box


    Simplified administration

    Pre-configured settings, one-click remediation, intuitive threat dashboard

    Mimecast’s Email Security Cloud Integrated Interactive Product Tour

    Explore how Email Security CI makes securing your organization easier than ever.

    How It Works

    World-class email protection – simplified.

    Deploy world-class email security in minutes to protect your employees from all email-based threats with Email Security, Cloud Integrated. Real-time threat intelligence and instant remediation makes securing your organization easier than ever.

    See It In Action

    See Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Integrated in action.

    An unforgiving cyber threat landscape

    The last 12 months broke records for the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks, with email
    as the primary target once again. The email security imperative has never been greater.


    of attacks start with an email


    of organizations are bracing for the fallout from an email-borne attack in the coming year


    of organizations were targeted by ransomware in the last year


    Block email-based threats

    Benefit from the next-generation of secure communications with:

    • AI-powered detection
    • Advanced phishing protection
    • URL Computer Vision and deep scanning of destination URLs
    • Advanced attachment scanning and detection
    • Spam filtering
    cloudIntegrated_features_Optomize for Microsft 365.png

    Optimize Microsoft 365 protection in minutes

    Seamlessly integrate into Microsoft work environments:

    • Fast, easy deployment
    • Instantaneous learning
    • Rapid identification of historic threats
    • Purpose-built to enhance Microsoft Defender

    Simplify email security administration

    Ease the burden on administrators and allow them to focus on mission-critical tasks with:

    • Pre-configured settings
    • Optimized protections out of the box
    • Minimal configuration
    cloudIntegrated_features_Simplify email security administration.jpg
    cloudIntegrated_features_Get real-time intelligence on blocked attacks.jpg

    Get real-time intelligence on blocked attacks

    Easily see, understand, and remediate:

    • Threat dashboard that shows what’s been blocked and why
    • Drill down capabilities for more detail
    • Full visibility of email security risk posture

    Empower end users with AI-driven email warning banners

    Defend against highly targeted social engineering attacks with:

    • Identity and social graphing for anomaly detection
    • Contextual email banners surfaced based on risk and updated in real-time across devices
    cloudIntegrated_features_Dynamic Banners.jpg
    cloudIntegrated_features_One-click remediation.jpg

    One-click remediation

    Remediate with the click of a button.

    • Fast, easy threat remediation
    • Identification of historic email attacks
    • Real-time visibility of blocked threats

    As the top attack vector,
    email deserves more

    More than 90% of cyberattacks start with email. Optimize protection in
    minutes and get the security today’s threat landscape demands with
    Email Security, Cloud Integrated

    Defend against email-borne threats With the industry’s most advanced detection
    Advanced phishing attacks
    • Email body and subject analysis
    • Email header analysis
    • End user reporting
    • End user risk awareness
    • Spam scanning
    Phishing URLs and credential harvesting
    • URL re-writing
    • URL on-click scanning
    • URL browser isolation for unknown domains
    • Credential theft protection
    • Real-time inspection and sandboxing of downloaded files
    Malicious attachments
    • Quarantining of known bad files
    • Quarantining of attachments containing malicious URLs
    • Scanning of password protected attachments
    • Static file analysis and sandboxing
    Impersonation attempts
    • Social graphing + AI anomaly detection
    • Dynamic email warning banners
    • Threat Dictionary/Known signatures
    • Reply to Address Mismatch
    • Plain Text check
    • Freemail Domain/Similar domain check
    • Internal Display Name Check
    Dormant email-based threats
    • Historic email scanning
    • One-click remediation
    • Event notification

    Get protected in minutes

    Email Security, Cloud Gateway
    Icon_ Gateway.svg

    Email Security,
    Cloud Gateway

    Advanced controls at your fingertips


    Need to secure a complex environment? Have sophisticated administration needs?

    Then Email Security, Cloud Gateway may be the solution for you. A Secure Email Gateway in the cloud, it's designed to keep any type of email environment, even the most complex, secure. Offering advanced administration capabilities and a broad range of complementary solutions and integrations, Email Security, Cloud Gateway is the ideal solution for IT and security teams that need to tame complexity and keep risk under control.

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