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    Brand Protection

    Tackling Phishing, Impersonation And Brand Exploits  

    Without confronting an organization’s perimeter or trying by other means to get inside its email network, it is quite easy for attackers to easily impersonate a brand on the internet. They can leverage and ultimately destroy value and trust that a brand owner may have taken years or decades to build.  Even an unsophisticated attacker can simply register a similar brand domain or host a website or login page and draw customers, partners, or the public to it. The cost to a business or its customers can be considerable.

    Defending against, detecting, and remediating threats that occur beyond an organization’s perimeter is particularly challenging. With limited or no visibility, organizations are vulnerable to attacks that can take a very long time to uncover –if they’re ever discovered at all. Mimecast’s integrated approach is designed to allow organizations to protect against both abuse of domains they own and brand imitation using ones they don’t.

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