Mass phishing and spear-phishing campaigns sometimes share similar objectives, such as harvesting credentials with a link to a phishing site. Spear-phishing emails are the result of research into intended targets. They are designed to appeal to the recipients by carrying a message that will resonate with them and coerce them into performing an action.

    An Email Security 3.0 strategy protects from these attacks in all three zones:



    Ransomware protection needs to go beyond detecting and blocking an initial malware infection at the email perimeter. Malware can enter your organization by other means, and cyber attacks often use the web channel to contact command and control servers and download the encryption keys necessary to complete the cyber attack.

    Mimecast email security services deliver advanced ransomware protection:

    • Email Security can block the initial ransomware at your perimeter.
    • Internal Email Protect can detect and remediate malicious emails on your email platform.
    • Mimecast Awareness Training educates your users not to click on a suspicious attachment that might launch ransomware.
    • If a ransomware infected file is executed, solutions to combat the ransomware problem extend to Mimecast Web Security, that can block outbound connections to command and control servers and prevent the cyber attack from completing.
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