Online Brand Protection

    Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect provides online brand protection through innovation that stops live attacks and blocks oncoming attacks.

    The need for online brand protection

    Brand impersonation attacks can be devastating – and incredibly difficult to prevent. In a brand impersonation attack, cyber criminals register a domain that looks like yours and builds a site that is virtually indistinguishable from your own. Typically, when combined within phishing techniques, attackers can then trick employees, customers and partners into revealing credentials and personal information that can lead to the theft of data, identities and money.

    Because website spoofing activities take place outside your security perimeter, stopping these attacks requires new solutions for online brand protection. Preventing impersonation requires innovative technologies that can constantly scan the web for sites that represent a potential clone of yours, stopping live attacks and blocking compromised assets before they become active. That's why, when seeking the best brand protection solutions, more organizations today are turning to Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect.




    The rise of brand exploits

    As the economy becomes increasingly digital, organizations most often connect with customers, partners and employees via online channels. As these users come to trust a company's online brand, attackers can more easily take advantage of that confidence. Attackers no longer need to force their way into a network – they can simply trick an unwitting user into opening the door for them.

    As employees and others spend much of their day multitasking online, they are constantly receiving and responding to email, social posts and targeted ads. As a result, they may not spot the slight differences in an email, web link, of web site that indicates the target is not what it seems to be. Using domain similarity and cloned websites, attackers can easily gain users' trust and dupe them into revealing sensitive information.

    The results can be costly - from loss of sensitive data and customer information to theft of funds, damaged reputation, lost productivity and significant legal trouble. Preventing these attacks has been challenging, as they take place on domains that a company doesn't know about and can't see or monitor.

    Web gateway defenses may be able to protect employees by stopping them from visiting suspicious sites, but protecting customers and partners is another matter. To achieve holistic online brand protection, organizations need solutions that can go on the offense against impersonation attacks, seeking out suspicious domains and cloned sites and shutting them down before they can do damage.


    Online brand protection with Mimecast

    Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect provides online brand protection through an innovative SaaS/cloud-based service that stops live attacks and blocks attacks in development before they can launch. Combining machine learning and quadrillions of targeted scans, Mimecast's brand protection solution neutralizes brand imitation in the dark corners of the web to minimize the damage these attacks can cause.

    Using sophisticated detection technologies, Mimecast identifies even unknown attack patterns to spot sites that have cloned your website or set up a similar domain. By blocking attacks before they become live, Mimecast online brand protection can help to minimize damages and protect employees, customers and partners more effectively.

    Mimecast online brand protection is offered as a cloud-based solution that can be implemented in minutes and requires no integration with your existing infrastructure.


    How Mimecast protects your brand

    Mimecast online brand protection allows your security teams to:

    • Extend phishing protection beyond your perimeter to protect your brand, customers, partners and employees against attacks that impersonate your digital assets.
    • Take immediate action to block suspicious sites and take down actively malicious domains and URLs.
    • Limit and reduce the value of data that is stolen through brand exploitation attacks.
    • Improve Mimecast ROI by taking advantage of an integrated cyber security platform and innovative brand protection services.




    A multi-layered approach to security

    Online brand protection with Mimecast is supported by easy integration with Mimecast solutions for email and web security, including:

    • Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection. Mimecast's Secure Email Gateway defends against spear-phishing, malware, spam and zero-day attacks by combining multiple detection engines and intelligence feeds with innovative applications and policies.
    • Mimecast Web Security. Mimecast web security software provides protection against malicious and inappropriate websites with a cloud-based service that offers web filtering at the DNS level and blocks employees from visiting websites that deliver malware or are part phishing attacks.
    • Mimecast DMARC Analyzer. Mimecast offers additional brand protection with a solution that reduces the time and complexity of enforcing DMARC authentication, providing visibility into when others are sending email using your domain and detecting and blocking unauthorized senders.


    FAQs: What is online brand protection?

    What is online brand protection?

    Online brand protection is a type of security defense that helps to identify and block domains and websites that are impersonating a trusted brand. Brand attacks are designed to dupe customers, partners and employees into revealing credentials, sharing sensitive information or transferring money to fraudulent accounts.

    Why are brand protection solutions needed?

    Because brand impersonation attacks take place outside an organization's own network and security perimeter, they are difficult to identify and even harder to stop before they have launched. Brand protection solutions like Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect provide innovative tools that search the web for potential attacks and even for attacks that are in the preparation stage.

    How does Mimecast provide online brand protection?

    Mimecast uses machine learning and runs quadrillions of targeted scans to find domains that are similar to your domain and sites that may be trying to impersonate your website.

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