Brand Protection

    Safeguarding your Organisation with DMARC: Strengthening Email Security and Trust in APAC

    Find out how to protect your work environment from unauthorised domain spoofing, improve deliverability rate and verify legitimate email communication.


    Email has become the lifeblood of our interconnected world, enabling seamless communication across organisations. However, its inherent flaw lies in the implicit trust assumed between users. Without a robust email authentication strategy in place, any malicious actor can send illegitimate emails claiming to originate from a brand's domain.

    The ease with which bad actors can impersonate brands and deceive unsuspecting customers and recipients is truly alarming. In fact, Mimecast's State of Email Security 2023 Report revealed that a staggering 91% of the 1,700 surveyed CISOs and information technology professionals experienced web or email spoofing attacks within the past year.

    Presented by Scott McKellar, Solutions Architect at Mimecast APAC, this webinar will help equip you with the knowledge and strategies to safeguard your organisation's reputation by securing the authenticity of your domain.

    Speaker Bio

    Scott McKellar is currently a Solution Architect at Mimecast in APAC where he has been since early 2019. Scott has been working in the technology industry for almost 20 years and is passionate about technology & security. Scott enjoys understanding his customers and prospects often complex business challenges and aligning them with technology to solve problems and add value. Prior to his role at Mimecast, Scott headed up the technology team for an Australian leading Wi-Fi analytics SaaS and IaaS provider; Discovery Technology (a Data#3 company).

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