Safeguarding sensitive client information

The Challenge

Law firms are holders of highly valuable and confidential client data, making them a particularly attractive target. Recent high profile breaches serve as a reminder of the risk the industry faces. Encrypting and safeguarding email communications with clients and third parties is equally as important.

In addition to keeping the attackers out, firms need to store and access archived information – while simultaneously making it accessible. On-premises solutions require IT overhead that many firms don't have or provide the flexibility that all firms desire. And email and archives can't go offline.

Mimecast Solution

Mimecast security and cyber resilience solutions protect legal firms against external attacks and protect client information. Mimecast's advanced email security defends against spear-phishing, ransomware and impersonation attacks. Advanced data leak prevention stops sensitive information from being shared with unauthorized staff or third parties, while aiding regulatory compliance such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Mimecast provides fast e-discovery and access to archived emails within an industry leading 7 seconds.

Mimecast’s email solution helps:

Spear-phishing and Targeted Threats

91% of attacks by sophisticated cybercriminals start through email.

Most gateway solutions stop spam and viruses, but fail to address one of the biggest threats facing healthcare organizations.

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Mimecast M2A - Integrated Security, Email Continuity & Archiving

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Archiving and E-Discovery

Safe, cloud storage for sensitive data.

Archives should be easily accessible by firm lawyers, regardless of where they are. In addition, administrators need to quickly respond to e-discovery requests.

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Mimecast For Email

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Sending Messages Securely

Apply key data leak prevention policies at the gateway to stop protected health information (PHI) from leaving the organization or ensure it is encrypted. End user focused tools make it easy for the sender and receiver to communicate securely.

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Mimecast Advanced Security

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Mailbox Continuity

Continue to send and receive email no matter what.

Even the most secure, well-planned email systems go down. With Mimecast C1, an immediate failover means email flow is not interrupted in the event of a mail server outage or planned maintenance. Mimecast keeps sending and receiving email, and gives employees access via Outlook, web, mobile and Mac when on-premises or cloud-based email systems go down.

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