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    Secure Messaging Service


    Securing your sensitive email communications

    Organizations need a service that enables and controls how sensitive data is delivered to external contacts via email. It needs to be simple and intuitive for both the sender and recipient and require minimal IT engagement, while remaining in the data owner's controls.


    The challenge of secure messaging

    Certain communications or files are so sensitive that delivering them via email using the open, public internet is unacceptable. Since email is the most used business application, employees generally want to use it to easily deliver and receive all their communications and files, whether sensitive or not. They don't want to learn another application and be forced to switch between systems to conduct business. Furthermore, employers don't want more complexity and cost associated with more third-party services.

    What organizations need is a user-friendly secure messaging service built directly into their email system that provides security and control over-and-above that which is provided using traditional email encryption, such as TLS.


    The Mimecast secure messaging solution

    The Mimecast Secure Messaging Service provides secure email communications right from your employees' email client. Administrators can set overarching security policies which are applied automatically in the Mimecast service.

    Mimecast Secure Messaging Service provides:


    A secure, cloud-based messaging service that enables the sharing of sensitive information and files initiated directly from within your employee' email client.


    Easy message and file access via a secure web portal hosted by Mimecast.


    More complete protection than just using server-to-server encryption, such as TLS, providing security all the way to the receiver.


    Fully-customizable to ensure brand recognition and to enhanced recipient confidence.


    Granular message controls covering message recall, expiration, automated read receipt, print and reply/forward control, which is applied by the sender or enforced using policies.


    Employee initiated Secure Messaging via Mimecast for Outlook, Mimecast Personal Portal, the Secure Messaging Portal directly, or via the Mimecast mobile application.

    How It Works

    Mimecast Secure Messaging, explained.

    Mimecast Secure Messaging securely delivers sensitive communications and files directly from your employees’ email client, eliminating the need to use costly third-party applications and to train users on these external systems.

    More Features

    Protect your sensitive data in email communications

    Learn more about the features Mimecast offers to secure confidential information being shared over email, in transit.

    Content Control & DLP

    Help prevent data loss through email communications with Mimecast Content Control and DLP, which inspect the content of emails and attachments without impacting employee productivity and automatically enforce policies. These solutions let you more easily support governance and compliance requirements and adhere to regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GLBA, while also ensuring sensitive or confidential information is protected in transit.


    Large File Send

    Eliminate the risk associated with unsecured file sharing applications and keep corporate data secure with Mimecast Large Filed Send, which allows employees to easily and securely send and receive large files directly from Outlook.

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