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    Content Control & DLP


    Cloud-based email service that enforces compliance and prevents data leaks via email

    Organizations transmit intellectual property, customer details, and other sensitive information, which they need to protect through granular content control policies built into their email service.


    The challenges facing data loss prevention

    Because of careless users, compromised accounts, or even malicious employees, organizations suffer from data leakage via email, including the loss of intellectual property, customer details, credit card information and many other types of sensitive information. This results in serious consequences with regulators as well as reputational damage.

    It is important that proper content controls are in place on email communications to prevent data loss.


    The Mimecast Solution

    Organizations rely on email to conduct business, which often requires the sending and receiving of sensitive information such as financial, medical, personal information, and intellectual property – all of which must be communicated securely. Mimecast Content Control & DLP offers:


    Email subject, body, and attachment scanning to detect, encrypt, or block the sending or receiving of sensitive information.


    Email encryption with policy-enforced TLS and the use of the Mimecast secure messaging service.


    The detection of intellectual property and other sensitive information using Mimecast provided managed dictionaries, custom terms, and document finger printing.


    The conversion of documents to more safely shareable formats such as PDF and ODF, while removing sensitive document metadata.


    Automated, policy-based email signatures, legal notices, branding, and other messages to outbound emails.


    Mimecast’s scalable cloud platform allows you to address complex regulatory and compliance problems.

    Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention (DLP) enables you to support governance and compliance objectives while email compliance policies help meet regulations including PCI-DSS, HIPAA and GLBA. When combined with Mimecast’s other email security tools, Mimecast’s Compliance Security ensures sensitive or confidential information is protected in transit through email encryption and secure messaging.

    More Features

    Protect your sensitive data in email communications

    Learn more about the features Mimecast offers to secure confidential information being shared over email, in transit.

    Large File Send

    Eliminate the risk associated with unsecured file sharing applications and keep corporate data secure with Mimecast Large Filed Send, which allows employees to easily and securely send and receive large files directly from Outlook.


    Secure Messaging Service

    Mimecast's Secure Messaging Service supports the secure sending of email communications right from your employees’ email client. Administrators can set and automatically apply overarching security policies, keeping sensitive communications secure while eliminating the need for costly and complicated third-party applications.

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