Office 365™ Migration

Simplify and secure your Office 365 migration.

Simplify and secure your Office 365 migration.

As your organization prepares for an Office 365 migration, your IT team will be confronted with several critical challenges. Ensuring data integrity during the transition tops the list, as vital and important information stored within email boxes and archives may be at risk of being lost or corrupted as you migrate to Office 365.

There are security issues to contend with too, as certain defenses may be unavailable or inadequate to protect against advanced threats as data is moved between platforms. And IT will face strong pressure to accomplish the Office 365 migration as quickly and non-intrusively as possible, since mail systems may need to go off-line during the transition, causing downtime and disruption to user productivity.

Mimecast provides a rich set of cloud-based services providing superior email security, continuity and data integrity as you migrate to Office 365 from Exchange or other email platforms. With Mimecast, you can significantly reduce the risk, cost and time involved in your Office 365 migration.

Office 365 migration with Mimecast.

Mimecast offers a fully-integrated subscription service, simplifying email management with an all-in-one solution eliminating the need to manage a variety of point solutions from multiple vendors. Integrating seamlessly with Office 365, Mimecast also enables you to mitigate single-vendor exposure as you move to your new email platform.

Mimecast supports Office 365 migration with services for:

  • Email security – Mimecast provides state-of-the-art protection against malware, viruses, spam and advanced threats.
  • Email continuity – Mimecast delivers uninterrupted access to email and attachments, even during service outages or planned downtime for Office 365 migration or Postini migration.
  • Email archiving – Mimecast's cloud archive provides a secure backup of all email data to protect against loss or corruption before, during and after your Office 365 migration. Mimecast's Office 365 archiving capabilities include rapid search, access from any device and comprehensive support for compliance and e-discovery needs.

Mimecast's solution for legacy data in your Office 365 migration.

Mimecast Legacy Archive Data Management for Office 365 enables historical email archive content to be quickly migrated to Mimecast's cloud archive. Rather than the risky maneuver of attempting to load historic email directly into Office 365, Mimecast's solution is a faster, safer and simpler way to move legacy data to the cloud. By consolidating legacy email with current email in a single, unified Office 365 archive email store, you can easily eliminate the cost and complexity of managing multiple email storage solutions.

Learn more about Mimecast services for an Office 365 migration, and how Mimecast can help migrate from Office 365 to Exchange more easily.