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    Search emails quickly and easily with Mimecast.

    Search emails quickly and easily with Mimecast

    While your email system holds a great deal of valuable information, this treasure trove is useless unless your employees can search emails quickly and easily to find the information they're looking for.

    Email has become the dominant method for business collaboration, and users frequently need to search email to find documents, transactions, information or a history of communication around a specific subject. Enabling users to search emails faster improve productivity and to reap the value of your organization's email archives.

    Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving makes it easy to search for email both within an employee's inbox as well as email archives throughout the organization. And with an industry-leading 7 second search SLA, Mimecast puts information within email at the fingertips of every employee.




    Archive and search emails with industry-leading tools

    Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides a secure, dependable and highly scalable archive where messages and attachments can be centrally archived for easy search and retrieval. With Mimecast, users can search emails on any device at any time, while administrators can quickly retrieve content for comprehensive e-discovery, litigation readiness and compliance, significantly minimizing the time required to comply with requests for information.

    Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides:

    • Rapid search capabilities that enable users to search emails and retrieve messages within seconds.
    • Flexible policy-driven retention at the organization, group, mailbox or published retention folder level.
    • Encrypted, secure storage in geographically-dispersed data centers, with triplicate copies in multiple locations for built-in redundancy.
    • A pricing structure based on the number of users rather than email volume or the number of mailboxes, helping to reduce total cost of ownership1.

    Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving also integrates easily with Mimecast's email continuity and secure email solutions, including tools for sending large files through email, to provide a unified email management solution.


    Benefits of using Mimecast solutions to archive and search emails

    Using Mimecast to archive and search emails provides significant benefits that include:

    • Improved productivity – with a bottomless mailbox and a highly-accessible email archive, users can search emails easily to find content within seconds and stop worrying about which emails to save.
    • Reduced IT overhead – by archiving email more easily, you can minimize the load on servers and reduce technical support requests for help searching archives, finding lost email or managing mailbox performance issues.
    • Enhanced control, security and governance – administrators retain control of all email retention policies, using granular litigation hold, e-discovery and reporting capabilities to support compliance requirements.

    Learn more about using Mimecast's tools to search emails, and about Mimecast solutions for Office 365 archiving and ways to migrate to Office 365 more easily.

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