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    Mimecast’s Simply Migrate Solution

    Migrate your data quickly and efficiently with Mimecast’s Simply Migrate solution

    Many organizations are stuck with legacy archiving solutions that can’t keep pace with ever changing business, e-discovery, and compliance requirements, but one major barrier keeps them from implementing a modern solution – data migration. 

    Historically, the status quo for legacy data migrations has included tremendous up-front costs (as much as 10K US per TB migrated), time (as slow as 1 TB migrated per week), complexity (having to navigate numerous vendor options and choices) and the overall underestimation of time and resources needed to be successful. 

    Legacy data migration involves data extraction, validation and integrity checks, and the secure shipment of data to the new destination. Because of the typically immense nature of data volumes, each of these tasks must be done quickly to mitigate lack of data access while also preserving data integrity and securing it in transit. 

    As a result, many organizations straddled with ineffective legacy archive vendors are hobbled with inertia and choose a “do nothing” option as opposed to embarking on a migration path towards Mimecast. 


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