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    Osterman Research: The Five Email Security Options Facing Symantec Customers

    In August of 2019, Broadcom acquired Symantec for $10.7 billion in cash. Broadcom, which traditionally focuses on the enterprise space, was generating more than $2 billion in annual revenue at the time of acquisition. The acquisition of Symantec has resulted in a significant shift in strategy for the company’s security business in regards to product strategy and a change in go-to-market strategy. It’s clear that small to medium size businesses and commercial accounts are not the primary focus for Broadcom. (September 3rd, 2020 earnings call.) Considering that more than 90 percent of attacks are delivered through email, the decision about email security moving forward will be a critical for all organizations.. Current Symantec email security customers must not take lightly Broadcom’s change in focus and priority, since this could have significant implications in the not-too-distant future.

    To aide you in your decision, check out this whitepaper written by Osterman Research, “The Five Email Security Options Facing Symantec Customers”. Read this paper and you will lean:

    • Stay with Symantec and hope things continue as they have been, while understanding the tier into which the organization has been placed.
    • Switch to the native security provided by Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP), which is the native email security solution offered in Microsoft/Office 365.
    • Upgrade Microsoft licenses to include Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) (offered as standard in Microsoft 365 Plan E5).
    • Add a supplemental security solution, such as a Cloud Email Security Supplement (CESS).
    • Replace Symantec with another dedicated secure email gateway.
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