Office 365™ Email Migration

The challenges of Office 365 email migration.

office 365 email migration

The challenges of Office 365 email migration.

Office 365 email migration is not a simple task. While migrating to Office 365 from Exchange or other email platforms holds significant potential to reduce costs, simplify management and improve access, Office 365 email migration is also full of challenges for IT teams already facing constrained budgets and shrinking staffs.

Maintaining data integrity is one of the top priorities in Office 365 email migration — email in inboxes and archives can easily be lost or corrupted when migrating from legacy applications. Email security is an issue as well, as data is more at risk during the transition. And because mail systems go offline during Office 365 email migration, IT must find ways to minimize disruption and downtime and not adversely affect user productivity.

For organizations seeking tools to manage an Office 365 email migration more easily, Mimecast offers a suite of cloud-based services providing essential protection from data loss and corruption, security threats and the risk of downtime.

Mimecast's solutions for Office 365 email migration.

Mimecast offers a fully-integrated subscription service that enables organizations to reduce the risk, complexity and cost of managing and protecting email, and simplifies the task of email migration.

Mimecast supports an Office 365 email migration with services for:

  • Email archiving - Mimecast helps to ensure the integrity of email data as you migrate to Office 365 by providing a secure and perpetual cloud archive that can be easily queried and searched for operational and legal requirements, and that is recoverable if required. With Mimecast Office 365 email archiving, users can search emails and retrieve content within seconds, while administrators manage compliance, e-discovery and litigation requirements.
  • Email security - Mimecast provides broad-spectrum security during an Office 365 email migration, ensuring optimum security coverage in a highly-volatile threat landscape. Mimecast provides protection from spear-phishing as well as malware, viruses, spam and data leaks.
  • Email continuity - Mimecast enables users to maintain access email during service outages, planned downtime or an Office 365 email migration, automatically rerouting email to employees via the Mimecast cloud.

Benefits of Office 365 email migration with Mimecast.

With Mimecast's cloud-based services, you can:

  • Simplify your Office 365 email migration and deployment with a single comprehensive solution, rather than needing to manage an array of disjointed point solutions from multiple vendors.
  • Mitigate single vendor exposure with a cloud-based solution integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Migrate and manage legacy email data with Office 365 migration tools that allow fast ingestion of historical email and that eliminate the cost and complexity of managing multiple email storage sites.

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