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Protect your data with email encryption software.

Email encryption software is an essential tool for protecting your most sensitive information. As email has become the lifeblood of business communication, employees often use email to share valuable data like customer lists, intellectual property, financial data and business plans with colleagues. Email encryption software is critical to protecting that information from theft or accidental loss that could expose your organization to fines, legal trouble and loss of customer trust.

The trouble with most email encryption software: it's cumbersome. Traditional approaches like enforced server-to-server Transfer Layer Security and Public Key Infrastructure are difficult for senders and recipients alike. Many email encryption software solutions require recipients to download and run a file, and they create additional administrative burdens for senders and IT administrators. The result: senders will frequently avoid using email encryption software, putting your sensitive data at risk. To truly protect your organization, you need email encryption software that's intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful enough to keep your most valuable data assets safe.

When searching for the best email encryption software and the most secure email provider, more organizations worldwide turn to solutions from Mimecast.

Email encryption software from Mimecast.

Mimecast offers email encryption software as part of an all-in-one solution for email security, archiving and continuity. Mimecast's email encryption software, Secure Messaging, is part of a comprehensive suite of security services that include anti-malware and anti-spam software, tools to combat email fraud and other advanced threats, and solutions for data loss prevention (DLP).

Mimecast Secure Messaging offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based channel for securely sending and receiving sensitive information. Delivered as a SaaS-based service, Mimecast email encryption software protects email and attachments without requiring senders or recipients to download software or manage security certificates and encryption.

How to send a secure email in Mimecast Secure Messaging.

To send an email using Mimecast's email encryption software, users need only click a Send Secure option in their mailbox application. Email and any attachments are then uploaded to the Mimecast cloud, where they are scanned for malware and for compliance with content and DLP policies before being stored in a secure archive. Recipients receive an email with instructions for logging into Mimecast's secure portal, where they can securely read emails, download attachments and reply to the sender. Throughout the email exchange, messages and attachments never leave Mimecast's secure cloud environment.

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