Cyber Fraud

    Combating cyber fraud requires a multilayered approach that combines technology, training and expertise. Learn how to stop cyber fraud with Mimecast.

    The dangers of cyber fraud

    Cyber fraud is on the rise. From spear-phishing and ransomware to CEO email fraud and business email compromise, the most dangerous cyber fraud attacks all begin with an email. Email scams are successful time and again because they target your weakest link: people. Despite all your efforts and technology to stop scam emails, it only takes one user's lack of vigilance to enable cyber fraud attack.

    The impact of cyber fraud can be devastating. Fines and legal trouble are the result when sensitive material like customer information and personally identifiable information is stolen. A CEO spoof email can trick an employee into wiring large sums of cash to a fraudulent account. And the disruption to business from ransomware and other cyber fraud attacks may lead to loss of business, customers and revenue.

    Combating cyber fraud requires a multilayered approach that combines technology, training and expertise. That's why companies around the world turn to Mimecast for solutions to stop email-borne attacks.




    Stop cyber fraud with Mimecast

    Mimecast offers a comprehensive service for email security, archiving and continuity, delivering an all-in-one solution for defending against cyber fraud.

    It starts with technology. Mimecast uses sophisticated detection engines and threat intelligence to identify known and emerging threats and prevent them from reaching your email system. Mimecast's suite of security services includes solutions to combat advanced threats like cyber fraud, as well as anti-malware and anti-spam software for more routine threats. Mimecast also offers technology for preventing data leaks and for sending email messages and large file attachments securely.

    To better prepare users to defend against cyber fraud, Mimecast offers Dynamic User Awareness tools that train employees to think twice before they click on a link or open an attachment, and to better recognize the signs of cyber fraud and email threats.

    And because it may be impossible to stop every threat every time, Mimecast offers continuous data protection for email and files through a cloud archive, enabling you to mitigate the impact of a successful attack and to provide users access to their data during an outage.


    Mimecast tools for combating cyber fraud

    Mimecast provides several tools that target the common techniques of cyber fraud attacks.

    • Attachment Protect scans all email attachments for code that may be malicious, preemptively sandboxing suspicious attachments or transcribing them to a format that is safe for users to read.
    • URL Protect prevents users from clicking on links in email that may download malware or load malicious websites.
    • Impersonation Protect scans all incoming email for signs of impersonation fraud, and blocks, quarantines or tags suspicious messages with an alert or warning.

    Learn more about preventing cyber fraud with Mimecast.

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