Data leakage prevention tools

Protect sensitive information with superior data leakage prevention tools.

As more sensitive information is shared via email today, organizations need powerful data leakage prevention tools in order to protect the business and its reputation and revenue.

Data leakage prevention tools can quickly stop valuable information from leaving the company via email. But choosing the right data leak protection (DLP) solution is important — a complex system can burden overwhelmed IT teams, and data leakage prevention tools that are too restrictive can easily stifle productivity.

Mimecast simplifies DLP network security with easy-to-use data leakage prevention tools that dramatically improve protection without impacting the productivity of end-users.

Data leakage prevention tools from Mimecast.

Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention, part of Mimecast's email security solutions, provides powerful email protection software in a cloud-based subscription service. Mimecast data leakage prevention tools enable administrators to define flexible and granular content control policies and apply them globally in real-time. Mimecast then scans all inbound and outbound email, using weighted dictionaries, multi-part pattern matching, file hashes and keywords to spot potential leaks.

Benefits of Mimecast's data leakage prevention tools include:

  • Protection against both accidental and malicious leaks.
  • Consistent policy enforcement, even during outages in email infrastructure.
  • Centralized management of DLP policies.
  • Flexible actions when an email violates DLP policies.

How Mimecast's data leakage prevention tools simplify security.

Mimecast's data leakage prevention tools allow administrators to define and manage DLP policies from a single web-based console. Because any aspect of an email may pose a risk, Mimecast examines the subject line, headers, body text, HTML and attachments for all inbound and outbound email, searching for anything that may violate DLP policy. Mimecast data leakage prevention tools can also remove hidden metadata from Microsoft Word documents to reduce the risk of unintentional leaks.

In addition to tools for data leakage protection, Mimecast email security services include protection from advanced targeted threats, cloud based email filtering for malware and spam, and tools for sending email and large files securely.

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