Secure email provider

Protect your users and data with a secure email provider.

secure email

Protect your users and data with a secure email provider.

Choosing a secure email provider is a main priority when it comes to achieving email security, as your email system is constantly under attack. 1More than 90% of hacking attacks today begin with some kind of threat to email. The stakes are enormous -- the headlines are constantly filled with the plight of companies where email security breaches have led to sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Email downtime also threatens productivity and profitability. Inadvertent data leaks can expose valuable business secrets.

To solve these challenges, you could adopt a variety of point solutions from one secure email provider or another. This approach only adds to the complexity and risk of managing business email. That's why companies around the world seeking a secure email provider have chosen Mimecast's email solution.

1 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

Mimecast: a secure email provider with cloud-based solutions.

Mimecast is a secure email provider offering a cloud-based, all-in-one subscription service for managing email more easily and cost-effectively.

As a secure email provider, Mimecast helps to protect email from a wide variety of external threats and internal data leaks. Mimecast also ensures 100% email continuity, providing access to live and historic email even when primary email servers are down, while email archiving tools help to dramatically simplify the management of growing volumes of email data while giving users fast access to any email ever sent or received.

Comprehensive services from a secure email provider.

As a secure email provider, Mimecast's comprehensive email security services include:

  • Secure Email Gateway, providing 100% anti-malware in 99% anti-spam protection.
  • Targeted Threat Protection, defending against advanced threats like zero day attacks, phishing and spear phishing.
  • Secure Messaging, giving users an easy way to send protected messages and attachments without needing to know anything about encryption or certificate management.
  • Content Control and Data Leak Prevention, helping to stop inadvertent or malicious data leaks.
  • Large File Send, a secure document sharing technology that lets users send secure files up to 2 GB from their mailbox application, avoiding the use of third-party file sharing services that fall outside your organization's security and content controls.

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