Get uninterrupted access to live and archive email—anytime, anywhere

    In the event of a server migration, planned, or unplanned outage, Mimecast Continuity keeps your email business as usual from any device.

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    Mimecast Mailbox Continuity

    • Assists in server migration, planned outages, or technology failure
    • Keeps employees sending and receiving mail even when email is down
    • Proactively monitor and detect disruption across cloud-based and on-prem server
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    laptop laptop

    Mimecast Email Continuity Management

    • Minimizes response times to mail flow disruption
    • Proactively monitors high latency and failed deliveries to provide real-time alerts to IT
    • One-click continuity activation and employee alerting
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    Email Continuity Management

    Mimecast ensures business continuity when primary email systems are offline. A continuity portal makes event management simple, with one click activation to instantly activate Mimecast and broadcast company-wide or group messages to employees. How does it work? Customizable thresholds let administrators monitor inbound and outbound email. Out-of-band alerts via SMS or an alternative email address keep administrators informed and keeping email flowing for all users via Outlook, Mac, and web or mobile applications.

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