Office 365 Business Continuity

    Ensure Office 365 business continuity with Mimecast.

    Ensure Office 365 business continuity with Mimecast

    While many organizations are turning to Microsoft Office 365 for cloud-based productivity tools, Office 365 business continuity is not a guaranteed 100%. Even with a platform as popular as Microsoft 365 email hosting, users must expect an occasional email outage.

    The impact of an Office 365 business continuity event can be huge. Employees rely on email 24/7 to communicate with colleagues, vendors and customers, and when email stops working, so does the business.

    Mimecast's integration service is designed to simplify email management and improve email security, Mimecast enables organizations to augment Office 365 business continuity with continuous access to email even when Office 365 is down.




    Mimecast solutions for Office 365 business continuity

    Mimecast Mailbox Continuity supports Office 365 business continuity by ensuring that users have access to live and historic email and attachments during a disaster, outage or planned downtime. When an Office 365 business continuity event occurs, IT administrators simply trigger a continuity event and switch all email clients to send and receive email via the Mimecast platform. Users can then continue to access email from any location, on any device. Backed by a 100% service availability SLA, Mimecast enables users to stay productive during disasters, outages and planned downtime.

    Mimecast can also support an email system migration plan when transitioning to Office 365 by providing security, backup and continuity to protect against downtime, data loss or corruption and email-borne threats.


    Benefits for Office 365 business continuity

    Mimecast helps to ensure Office 365 business continuity by providing:

    • Always-on, uninterrupted email. When Office 365 goes down, Mimecast ensures that email stays up and running. The Mimecast Personal Portal provides users with secure access to their email and calendar information at any time from any browser, while Mimecast's mobile email management tools enable mobile users to continue sending and receiving email from an app installed on their device.
    • A simple solution that lowers IT overhead. Mimecast is easy to deploy and simple to use, enabling IT teams to focus resources on other strategic priorities.

    Learn more about Office 365 business continuity with Mimecast, and about Mimecast's Exchange to Office 365 migration tool and data leakage prevention tools.

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