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    Mimecast offers eDiscovery tools as part of the Mimecast Cloud Archive, a centralized repository of email, files and IM conversations. Learn more.

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    Streamline compliance with Mimecast eDiscovery tools.

    eDiscovery tools have become an essential technology for organizations in nearly every industry. As the volume of electronic information continues to grow exponentially and regulatory frameworks continue to evolve, managing compliance and litigation readiness requires superior eDiscovery tools that can minimize the burden on administrators and IT teams that are already dealing with multiple and competing priorities. From demonstrating SEC 17a 4 compliance to responding to audit requests and managing legal hold, the right eDiscovery tools can significantly reduce cost and complexity while protecting the organization against compliance errors that can lead to stiff fines and penalties.

    When choosing eDiscovery tools, more organizations today are looking to cloud-based services as a way of reducing costs, improving effectiveness and minimizing administrative burden. That's why so many businesses worldwide turn to SaaS-based solutions from Mimecast.

    <p>Streamline compliance with Mimecast eDiscovery tools.</p>

    eDiscovery tools from a cloud-based subscription service.

    Mimecast offers a powerful suite of solutions for email security, archiving and continuity, delivered as a cloud-based subscription service. Working with Mimecast, organizations can quickly and easily deploy eDiscovery tools to streamline compliance, email security solutions to defend against advanced attacks, and mailbox continuity services to ensure access to email at all times – even during outages and attacks.

    Mimecast offers eDiscovery tools as part of the Mimecast Cloud Archive, a centralized repository of email, files and IM conversations that can help to significantly simplify SEC 17a 4 compliance and compliance with other frameworks, including HIPAA compliant email requirements.

    Mimecast's eDiscovery tools provide:

    • Comprehensive support for eDiscovery, compliance and litigation, including legal hold, retention, case management and data export.
    • Lightning fast search results, enabling administrators to find and retrieve email within seconds.
    • Self-service eDiscovery tools for legal and compliance teams that help to remove the burden on IT administrators.
    • Capabilities for fast and effective case review that can automatically cull documents to minimize third-party costs.
    • Detailed activities logging and default data immutability.
    <p>eDiscovery tools from a cloud-based subscription service.</p>

    Benefits of eDiscovery tools from Mimecast.

    With archiving and eDiscovery tools from Mimecast, you can:

    • Quickly implement and scale eDiscovery tools with a 100% SaaS solution.
    • Easily produce evidential quality data for legal inquiries, audits and compliance requests.
    • Centrally manage and rapidly deploy litigation holds.
    • Configure and manage email retention policy and eDiscovery tools from a single, web-based console.
    • Combine email archiving with email security and continuity services for a comprehensive solution to business email management.

    Learn more about Mimecast eDiscovery tools and about Mimecast solutions for government cyber security strategy.

    <p>Benefits of eDiscovery tools from Mimecast.</p>

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