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    GDPR Compliance for Email


    A more efficient, higher value approach to email GDPR compliance

    Wherever you are, if you serve or communicate with EU residents, your email systems must comply with the EU’s rigorous General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for protecting, storing and processing personal data. Fortunately, architecting a pervasive GDPR-aligned security, privacy and governance solution for email is fast and easy with Mimecast.


    GDPR and related privacy rules require a flexible, complete and manageable response

    Safeguarding personal data

    GDPR compliance requires you to safeguard personal data in email. And since 94% of attacks enter organizations via email, securing email is essential to protecting personal data everywhere. Mimecast Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection offers complete cloud-based protection you can rely on for GDPR compliance.

    GDPR-compliant archive

    To safeguard personal data and give users the control GDPR email compliance requires, you need advanced tools for archiving, search and retrieval. Mimecast Cloud Archive helps you get archiving and retention right in GDPR and other environments, as you lower your costs and empower your people.

    Email continuity

    GDPR compliance includes ensuring timely restoration of availability and access to personal data after a breach, disaster or other incident. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity services keep email flowing whether yours is in the cloud, on premises or a hybrid environment.


    The Mimecast Solution

    Easy to deploy, use, manage and integrate, Mimecast’s solutions help you systematically address each GDPR-related privacy, data management and cybersecurity challenge. They also help you reduce costs, simplify operations, halt attacks and prepare for evolving privacy rules worldwide. Mimecast provides:


    Commitment to GDPR compliance across solutions and products, with corresponding contractual assurances.


    Single-console management of complete email cyber resilience to support the continuity GDPR compliance requires.


    Pervasive email security to help resist new attacks and breaches that lead to GDPR notifications or non-compliance.


    Fast, powerful email archive search and review, to accelerate responses to requests based on GDPR regulation.


    Integrated email archive, backup and data recovery with single-instance storage to support GDPR privacy by design.


    Robust data encryption at rest and in transit to resist breaches that place personal data at risk in email and beyond.

    The Effects of GDPR Compliance

    How GDPR compliance changes email management

    Since email contains extensive personal data, the EU’s new GDPR data protection law will be felt keenly by IT teams responsible for managing it. GDPR’s tough requirements for safeguarding personal data mean that many organizations must ramp up email security, especially as threats to email keep growing in both quantity and complexity.

    Since IT teams must be able to quickly isolate and delete emails both in the interests of security and in response to specific GDPR-related employee requests, organizations may need to rethink the way they store and archive email. For example, GDPR gives companies no more than a month to respond to “right-to-be-forgotten” requests that data be erased. Companies that still rely on tape backup of email systems may find it a struggle to comply with such requests quickly enough to stay in compliance.


    Learn from Mimecast’s experience in supporting GDPR initiatives worldwide

    Complying with GDPR means taking a long look at procedures and processes — and anticipating surprises. From breach response to risk management, we’ve identified four significant potential hurdles to achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance along with expert tips for overcoming them.

    Learn more about efficiently prioritizing your GDPR response in this blog post.


    GDPR Compliance FAQs

    What is GDPR compliance?

    GDPR compliance means meeting the data protection rules of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which became enforceable on May 25, 2018. These rules apply to any organization that stores or processes personal data associated with EU residents, whether those organizations are located in the EU or anywhere else on Earth.

    GDPR rules encompass several key areas, including many that directly or indirectly impact the way organizations manage and archive email. For instance, they require affirmative user consent to the processing of personal data, prompt notifications of data breaches, the right to data portability and to have old personal data removed if it’s longer needed.

    Why is GDPR compliance important?

    GDPR compliance is important, first, because there are substantial penalties for non-compliance. The GDPR sets potential fines up to 4% of a company’s worldwide sales. In the third quarter of 2021, for instance, the EU levied over US$1.14 billion in fines, with the largest fines assessed against Amazon Europe and WhatsApp Ireland.

    Second, publicity surrounding GDPR breaches and violations represents a significant reputational risk to businesses, especially since GDPR is concerned with sensitive personal data that many customers and employees consider crucially important.

    Third, GDPR has become a model for other regions around the world, where authorities have borrowed elements of its rules for their own privacy regulations. For example, while GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are different in meaningful ways, they share many similarities. In many cases, large global businesses will need to adjust their processes in similar or overlapping ways to address both. And similar legislation is pending in a multitude of jurisdictions all around the world.

    How does Mimecast help companies achieve GDPR compliance?

    Mimecast’s experts and best-in-class offerings help organizations of all kinds comply with GDPR more cost-effectively in areas including preventing breaches, improving continuity and responding to individual GDPR requests that involve searching email archives. Some organizations first established GDPR compliance with temporary controls and manual processes. Mimecast can help such organizations implement solutions that are easier to manage, more comprehensive, more automated and more sustainable.
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