Cyber Threats

    Addressing cyber threats with Mimecast.

    Mitigate cyber threats with a cyber resilience strategy

    The landscape of cyber threats is becoming more complex and dangerous by the day. Traditional cyber threats like viruses and malware seem almost tame next to advanced cyber hacking attacks like ransomware, impersonation fraud and spear-phishing.

    As companies consider how best to address cyber threats, cyber security firms are recommending strategies for cyber resilience. This approach to cyber security acknowledges that stopping every cyber security attack is unlikely, and instead focuses on ensuring business continuity and mitigating the impact of successful cyber threats.

    Because most cyber threats begin with an email, the key to cyber resilience is having superior cyber solutions for email security and continuity. For companies seeking the most effective and cost-efficient cyber resilience solutions, Mimecast provides a comprehensive suite of cyber security software services.




    Addressing cyber threats with Mimecast

    Mimecast's all-in-one subscription service provides powerful tools to stop cyber threats to email security while ensuring email availability and continuity. Built on a cloud architecture, Mimecast's SaaS-based services simplify email management and support a robust cyber resilience strategy.

    With Mimecast, you can:

    • Prevent cyber threats. Mimecast advanced security services use sophisticated threat intelligence and patented threat detection technology to prevent cyber threats from impacting business operations.
    • Deliver continuous access to email. When primary email servers go down – due to an attack, a disaster, human error or technical failure – Mimecast continuity services ensure that users can continue to send and receive email and to access historic email and attachments.
    • Keep email safe and available. Mimecast's multipurpose archive stores data from email, files and IM conversations in the cloud. By replicating email data, Mimecast ensures data integrity and speeds backup and recovery. And by making archiving easy, Mimecast simplifies compliance and e-discovery, as well as email search and retrieval.
    • Empower end-users. Because employees are often the most vulnerable point in the security chain, Mimecast provides tools and training that help to improve cyber security awareness and make users more vigilant defenders against cyber threats.


    Benefits of Mimecast solutions for stopping cyberthreats

    When you rely on Mimecast to help thwart cyber threats and promote cyber resilience, you can:

    • Reduce the cost of cyber resilience with a cloud-based service that lets you avoid purchasing and maintaining on-premise hardware and software.
    • Eliminate the complexity of protecting and managing email with an all-in-one solution that can be managed from a single pane of glass.
    • Boost productivity by ensuring continuous access to email, even during outages, disasters and cyber attacks.
    • Stop cyber threats from impacting business operations.

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