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    7 Cybersecurity Steps Every SMB Should Take

    SMBs can be overwhelmed in the face of increasing cyber risk. These seven steps can help them bolster their defenses.

    Key Points

    • Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) have an increased cyber risk and should build up their cyber defenses.
    • With limited budgets and often minimal cybersecurity expertise, SMBs can find it challenging to put the necessary security controls in place.
    • SMB leaders may be tempted to put off cybersecurity planning and investments, but with threats growing more sophisticated with each passing day, kicking the can down the road is ill-advised.
    • SMBs can follow the seven essential steps outlined in this ebook to bolster their defenses today.

    Understanding the foundational components of an effective cybersecurity strategy is a smart approach for SMBs. But, with so many resources available, getting started can be a challenge. This ebook outlines seven steps SMBs can follow today to get started on their cybersecurity strategy, or to enhance their current efforts.

    Security partners like Mimecast have years of experience helping SMBs address key vulnerabilities and defend against common cyberthreats, such as phishing, credential theft, and ransomware. The steps outlined here can helps SMBs gird their data, software, devices, and employees against cyber risks.

    Learn more about how these seven straightforward actions can prove very powerful in mitigating cyber risk by downloading our ebook now.

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