Advanced persistent threats

Stopping advanced persistent threats with Mimecast.

Advanced persistent threats: raising the stakes for cyber security.

Advanced persistent threats are attacks on an organization's network where an unauthorized individual gains access and remains in the network, undetected for a period of time. Because the objective of advanced persistent threats is to steal information rather than to cause damage, it may take days, weeks or months for organizations to realize that they have been hacked.

Perpetrators of advanced persistent threats often attack organizations that deal with high-value information – companies in manufacturing, national defense and the financial industry are frequent targets. Attackers often use malicious email attachments, spear-phishing and social engineering to breach an organizations defenses.

When successful, advanced persistent threats can be quite costly, dominating the headlines in the nightly news. But stopping these threats is not difficult – when you have the right tools.

Stopping advanced persistent threats with Mimecast.

Mimecast provides best-of-breed security services to stop advanced persistent threats as well as

insider threat attacks, impersonation fraud, ransomware and other sophisticated forms of cyber crime.

Mimecast's cloud-based services help to reduce the cost and complexity of keeping email safe for business. Comprehensive, multi-layered detection engines and sophisticated threat intelligence not only provide advanced threat protection but help to stop viruses, malware, spam and other attacks from reaching your email system. Mimecast's data leak prevention services can power an insider threat program, and secure messaging tools provide an easy solution for email encryption.

Mimecast's suite of solutions for preventing advanced persistent threats.

To combat advanced persistent threats, Mimecast offers a suite of services that can shield your employees and your network from the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection includes:

  • Attachment Protect –scans email on delivery to analyze attachments that could be connected to advanced persistent threats. Mimecast sandboxes suspicious attachments or transcribes them for immediate review by the user in a safe format.
  • Impersonation Protect – scans all inbound emails in real time to detect anomalies that may indicate an attempt at impersonation fraud.
  • URL protect – scans URLs on every click and prevents users from visiting sites that have been deemed suspicious or malicious.

Additionally, Mimecast offers powerful content control and data leak prevention tools with insider threat detection that can help to prevent the theft of data and IP from the inside.

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