Advanced persistent threat

Protect your organization from an advanced persistent threat.

Protect your organization from an advanced persistent threat.

Among the various types of IT security threats, an advanced persistent threat remains one of the most dangerous. These targeted attacks use malware to gain unauthorized access to a network and to remain inside the network undetected for as long as possible. An advanced persistent threat may be launched in order to steal data, compromise systems, gather intelligence or deploy more malware.

The damage caused by an advanced persistent threat can be devastating, but advanced persistent threat detection technology can help to prevent unauthorized access and quickly shut down threats. Defending against an advanced persistent threat requires a multi-layered approach to email security, as attackers will use a wide variety of tactics to find a point of vulnerability.

Because so many of these advanced attacks start with email, organizations worldwide are turning to email security services from Mimecast.

Stop an advanced persistent threat with Mimecast.

Mimecast provides cloud-based security, archiving and continuity services that help protect organizations, mitigate risk and simplify email management.

Mimecast’s email threat protection uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to defend against an advanced persistent threat and to protect the organization from malware, spam and targeted email attacks like spear-phishing or a zero day attack. Administrators can manage security policy from a single web-based console, enjoying ultimate visibility and control while consistently applying security policies across the organization. Mimecast’s cloud platform is constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence to improve defenses and eliminate new and advanced threats.

How Mimecast technology thwarts an advanced persistent threat

Mimecast’s targeted attack protection begins with the Secure Email Gateway, which provides 100% anti-malware protection (including zero-hour protection), 99% anti-spam protection, and a 100% availability SLA.

The most powerful tool for preventing and advanced persistent threat is Mimecast’s Targeted Threat Protection. This state-of-the-art solution provides three levels of defenses for a multi-layered security approach:

  • Impersonation Protect scans all inbound emails to search for signs of social-engineering techniques that are often used to gain network access by impersonating a high level executive.
  • URL Protect scans the links in all incoming and archived emails and will only open a link once it has been determined to be safe.
  • Attachment Protect preemptively sandboxes and scans attachments, preventing users from opening them before they have been cleaned or deemed to be safe.

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