Simplify Information Protection with Integrated, Intuitive Tools

    Content Control and Data Loss Prevention policies at and inside your perimeter. Secure email and file sending completely integrated into your email. Protect your sensitive data with integrated messaging tools.

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    Content Control and Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

    • Scans email subject, body, and attachments to detect, encrypt, or block messages
    • Meet your compliance requirements including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GLBA
    • Manage document conversion, metadata scrubbing, and email signatures
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    Secure, cloud-based encryption built into your email

    • Employee or policy-initiated message encryption
    • Granular message control over message recall, expiry, print, reply, and forward
    • Easy access via secure, brandable web portal

    Eliminate Shadow IT with Large File Send

    • Easy-to-use Large File Sending directly from Outlook, the web, or mobile applications
    • Avoid email performance degradation with Administrator-defined attachment size limits
    • Consistent security controls across all emails and large files
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    Control Content & DLP

    Careless users, compromised accounts, and malicious insiders are a source of sensitive data loss via email. No matter how much employee training security teams do, employees will share sensitive information and IP that they shouldn’t. While it is helpful to have security policies, it is increasingly important to automatically enforce these policies with security controls that inspect the content of emails and their attachments without hindering employee productivity. This data protection is exactly what Mimecast Content Control & DLP Services provide.

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    Secure Messaging Service

    The Mimecast Secure Messaging Service addresses organizations’ need for secure information sharing and employees’ need to conduct business easily and quickly.

    Mimecast provides a cloud-based protection service that enables the sharing of sensitive information without leaving your user’s email client of choice. This way, both employees and employer get what they need; secure communications with ease of use.

    Secure Messaging Service

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