Information Protection

Security for Your Sensitive Email Communications

Organizations rely on email to conduct business. And to do business often requires sending and receiving sensitive financial, medical, and personal information as well as intellectual property data. Employees generally prefer to use their email and don’t want to learn new applications to send and receive this information securely. And organizations don’t want to pay for more applications or services than they need to.

With email increasingly under attack, what organizations need are secure communication services built directly into their email.

Mimecast provides secure messaging services integrated into your email as well as automated controls to enforce your organization’s content security policies, including:

  • Secure Messaging Service
  • Large File Send Service
  • Content Control & Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Secure Messaging Service

The Mimecast Secure Messaging Service addresses organizations’ need for secure information sharing and employees’ need to conduct business easily and quickly.

Mimecast provides a cloud-based service that enables sharing of sensitive information and files integrated into the email of both the sender and receiver, but uses a secure Web portal for delivery and message management. This way, both employees and the employer get what they need, secure communications and ease of use.

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Large File Send Service

Organizations need to protect the performance and availability of their email systems. Therefore, they typically put tight limits on the size of files that can be sent or received via email. However, employees often need to share large files that exceed the maximum size of the sending or receiving email systems. Without a solution, employees often work around these limits by using unauthorized, insecure, consumer grade file-sharing services, putting the organization’s information at risk.

The Mimecast Large File Send Service was specifically designed to address the needs of both the organization and the employee enabling the sending of large files as part of email workflow - all within the organization’s security controls, but without burdening the organization’s email infrastructure. In addition to all other solutions, Mimecasters particularly love this feature!

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Control Content & DLP

Careless and malicious employees are often a source of sensitive data loss via email. No matter how much employee training and warning that security teams do, employees will share sensitive information and corporate IP that they shouldn’t.

While it is helpful to have security policies, it is increasingly important to automatically enforce these policies with security controls that inspect the actual content of emails and their attachments. This is exactly what the Mimecast Content Control & DLP Services provide.

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Solution Brief

Mimecast for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges in coordinating care among many internal and external parties …