Secure Document Sharing

    Improve security and compliance with secure document sharing.

    Improve security and compliance with secure document sharing

    Secure document sharing technology can help to ensure that email communications are in compliance with regulations and data leakage prevention (DLP) policies. But traditional solutions can be costly and complex to manage. Frequently, secure document sharing solutions require users to have knowledge of secure encrypted email methods. Some solutions ask recipients to download software in order to access encrypted files, and other solutions add additional layers of administrative burden to IT teams.

    As a secure email provider, Mimecast offers an alternative – secure document sharing services that are user-family and easy to manage, and which require no additional investment in hardware or software.




    Secure document sharing from Mimecast

    Mimecast Secure Messaging part of Mimecast's email security services, enables employees to send secure files and email quickly and easily. With Mimecast, secure document sharing is as simple as choosing a Send Secure option before clicking Send.

    When a message or document is sent securely, Mimecast uploads it to the cloud rather than sending it via traditional email servers where the content of email and documents is scanned for malware, checked against DLP policies and stored in a secure AES archive. Mimecast then notifies the recipient that a message or document is available for retrieval and provides details for logging into the secure Mimecast web portal to access it. Recipients can then read messages, download documents and reply to or share documents with the original sender.


    Policy-initiated secure document sharing

    Mimecast's secure document sharing can also be initiated automatically based on administrator-defined policies. For example, Mimecast Secure Messaging may be automatically used to send messages addressed to specific people or domains, or when certain keywords appear in the subject line body content.

    Mimecast also provides a way for employees to share large files (up to 2 GB) directly from their regular email application, avoiding the use of popular third-party file sharing services that can compromise security and compliance.

    Learn more about secure document sharing Mimecast, and about solutions for Office 365 downtime.

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