Secure Messaging

Share sensitive information confidently using email

Transmission that is not secure can lead to exposure of sensitive information.

With Mimecast Secure Messaging, data never leaves our secure cloud – making it possible to send protected messages even when TLS encryption isn’t an option. Individuals can initiate Secure Messaging directly in Microsoft Outlook for Windows to specify controls, such as whether an email can be forwarded or printed, or when read privileges expire. Policies can be configured to be applied directly at the gateway. All these controls are simple for employees to use and most importantly stop the use of unapproved applications. Mimecast makes it easy for employees to follow corporate security policies and for administrators to enforce them and monitor email compliance.

Mimecast Secure Messaging provides:

  • A secure, private, cloud based email service to share sensitive information easily without the need for additional hardware and software for senders and recipients
  • Email message specific policies such as expiration date, read receipt, forward restriction and revoking access, which can be applied by the sender or set using policies, making administration a breeze
  • Intuitive message access via a secure web portal so recipients have a consistent experience on any device – without worrying about access keys or encryption methods
  • Fully customizable branding for tailoring notifications and the portal with company name, colors and logo help ensure brand recognition and create recipient confidence
  • Tighter protection than server-to-server encryption by eliminating administrators ability to view information
Case Study

Bech-Bruun Simplifies Email Encryption with Mimecast Secure Messaging

Law Firm Bech-Bruun Prepares for Proposed EU Privacy Legislation While Maintaining Efficient Workflows

Case Study

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Mimecast Secure Messaging

A user-friendly, secure email channel for sensitive information. Email containing sensitive or confidential …

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The Corporate Story

The Corporate Story