Improve security awareness, reduce real human risk

    It feels like we should be past human error, but we're talking about it more than ever. The reality is, it still plays a devastating role in the overwhelming majority of breaches. Even worse, most security awareness training isn’t effective enough to reverse this trend. So we fixed it with a radically better approach to training.


    have the hardest time identifying cyber threats

    Self-report surveys have shown that younger employees are actually the most in need of effective training and education.


    of employees aren’t sure how to report suspicious activity

    Whether dealing with inbound emails or malicious links, employees need clear instructions and guidance for reporting.


    has been lost to scammers via social media in 2 years

    Social media is now one of the top avenues for fraud and money theft. As threats evolve, companies need to keep up.

    Whatever your training challenges, Mimecast has a solution.


    Boring training content

    Our entertaining and individualized modules keep employees engaged while absorbing critical content.


    Unrealistic training scenarios

    Improve your phish testing by basing it on attacks the organization has actually experienced.


    Lack of human risk visibility

    In our tools, you will be able to see individual risk scores and focus training where it’s most needed.


    Operating in a vacuum

    Our solution will help you benchmark your team’s security performance against industry peers.


    Ready to inspire a stronger security culture and mindset?

    Invest in your human risk surface with award-winning, realistic, and effective training, simulations, and risk scoring.


    Find a Mimecast plan that fits your needs

    You’re up against difficult business challenges. Mimecast is here to help. Pick between a variety of plans and find solutions to your most challenging issues.


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    Mimecast is proud to protect and support 42,000+ organizations globally, helping
    them navigate the ever-expanding security threat landscape.


    Employee Security Awareness Training FAQs

    Employee security awareness refers to an understanding by employees of the wide number of cyber threats that an organization may encounter, how employees can help to mitigate them and how a mistake can lead to a major security breach.
    Security awareness training is a program that educates employees about the best practices for handling cyber threats as well as the behaviors that can jeopardize personal and organizational security.
    Cyber security awareness training for employees helps to address one of the biggest factors in major security breaches: human error. By training employees how to recognize and respond to cyber threats, organizations can dramatically improve their security posture and cyber resilience.
    The number of hours of training to successfully educate employees in security awareness depends on the individual. Some employees will learn much more quickly than others. That's why Mimecast Awareness Training provides individualized risk scores for employees that lets you determine how effective training has been for each individual and to provide additional training or one-on-one coaching when necessary.

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