Threat Intelligence

    Global Threat Intelligence Report

    October-December 2023


    Key Points

    • Shift in tactics: Users are now more likely to encounter malicious links than attachments, signaling a shift in attacker strategies.
    • AI in phishing: Cybercriminals  leveraging generative AI for more convincing phishing lures, emphasizing the need for advanced threat indicators.
    • QR code exploitation: The use of QR codes to obfuscate links continues to rise, posing an additional challenge for users

    Attackers are increasingly using brands to fool users into trusting spam and phishing attacks, often marrying the brand with a QR code or a link to a legitimate file service

    The Global Threat Intelligence Report highlights a growing sophistication in cyber threats, with a focus on small and medium-sized firms, and sectors such as finance, travel, hospitality, and HR/recruitment services. The attackers are shifting their tactics by using more malicious links than attachments.

    Cybercriminals are using generative AI for more convincing phishing lures, and QR codes to obfuscate links continue to rise. Increased geopolitical tensions have contributed to a surge in cyberattacks.




    Download the report to learn about the specific threats from cybercriminals around the world, explore the most-attacked industries, and get recommendations for how to take action against these threats. 

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