Technology Alliance Partners

    Integration between security systems has never been more important. In Mimecast's Partner ONE program, technology alliance partners bring together some of the world's leading cybersecurity platforms to help security teams customize their integrations, reduce complexity and manage their infrastructures as a unified whole.

    A greater defense through platform integration

    The industry’s most complete, well-documented library of open APIs takes the complexity out of integrating cybersecurity platforms.


    Featured Partners

    Explore partner integrations with the world’s leading cybersecurity platforms

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    Partner One

    Reduced complexity

    Make the most of existing technology investments


    Community defense

    Get connected to a data security ecosystem


    Lowered cyber risk

    Strengthen your business resilience

    Ready to get started as a Technology Alliance Partner?

    We believe in the power of together. Join a community in building innovative solutions for your customers.

    Mimecast API capabilities

    Explore all integrations


    Threat sharing

    Share threat intelligence between Mimecast and your security tools to provide layered defense and enhanced protection.

    Type(s): EDR, CASB, TIP, IAM, Sandbox
    Partner integrations - Threat Sharing.png

    Investigation and alerting

    Incorporate Mimecast data to generate actionable alerts, aid in investigations and threat hunting.

    Type(s): SIEM
    Partner integrations - Investigation and Alerting.png

    Extended detection and response

    Integrate Mimecast into your XDR platforms to provide a single console for threat detection and response.

    Type(s): XDR
    Partner integrations - Extended Detection and Response.png

    Automation and service desk

    Bring daily email tasks and repetitive actions into Mimecast to increase ticket closure rate while responding to threats at scale.

    Type(s): SOAR
    Partner integrations - Automation.png

    Managed services

    Assimilate Mimecast intelligence into third party platforms to help with threat visibility and targeted response.

    Type(s): MDR, MSSP
    Partner integrations - Managed Services.png
    Partner integrations - Threat Sharing.png
    Partner integrations - Investigation and Alerting.png
    Partner integrations - Extended Detection and Response.png
    Partner integrations - Automation.png
    Partner integrations - Managed Services.png
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