Unparalleled Protection
    for Microsoft 365

    As a single target, Microsoft 365 allows for more ways in, data to steal and users to trick. Safeguard your email and collaboration environments with Mimecast’s fully integrated,
    AI-powered detection and advanced solutions. 


    Microsoft 365 is a common target for cyber criminals


    Mimecast guards against relying on one security approach


    Mimecast helps stop threats without stifling collaboration

    Microsoft 365’s security
    alone is not enough

    Tailored for today's threats, Mimecast’s layered approach protects your primary
    threat vector (email) and delivers robust protection in the simplest way possible.


    Close gaps in your security

    Get ahead of bad actors and catch threats that Microsoft's security layers miss.

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    Keep your archive compliant

    Deploy an independent, well-architected archive that accelerates e-discovery.


    Harness machine learning

    Block the most sophisticated attacks with fully integrated, AI-powered detection.


    Empower end-users

    Alert employees to suspicious content with real-time warning banners across devices.

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    Discover and remediate threats with advanced security from Mimecast

    Start your free 30-day scan today to uncover all the threats that Microsoft misses. Deployed in minutes without an impact to email communications.


    A Mimecast plan that fits your organization’s needs

    Mimecast offers multiple plans designed to meet your organization’s needs and enable you to Work Protected.

    Trusted by those who
    Work Protected™

    Mimecast is proud to protect and support 42,000+ organizations globally, helping
    them navigate the ever-expanding security threat landscape.


    Microsoft 365 FAQs

    Microsoft 365 is designed with robust security features, including advanced threat protection, identity management, and data encryption. It undergoes continuous updates and improvements to address emerging threats. However, ensuring comprehensive security involves supplemental security measures, user awareness, configuration settings, and adherence to best practices.

    While Microsoft 365 provides a solid foundation for security, additional layers of protection can enhance your overall defense. External threat intelligence, advanced email security, and data backup solutions are examples of additional measures that can further safeguard your environment against evolving threats.

    Mimecast complements Microsoft 365 by offering additional layers of protection. It enhances email security with features like advanced threat detection, URL scanning, and attachment sandboxing. Mimecast also provides continuity services, ensuring business continuity during outages. By combining Mimecast with Microsoft 365, you create a more comprehensive and resilient security posture for your organization.

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