Email Security

    3 Ways AI Is Changing Email Security for M365 Admins... and 3 Ways It's Not

    Better equip your organization by knowing what’s ahead 

    Key Points

    • Phishing is a bad actor favorite
    • Social media and LinkedIn made it much easier to create well-researched phishing emails
    • AI-based tools are making it easier to combine multiple channels to increase the believability of an attack

    “When it comes to email security, AI is being used both by bad actors and organizations looking to prevent cyberattacks.”

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a great contributor to the workplace, but it also represents a new threat vector for cybercriminals. Learn three ways AI is changing email security, but three ways it’s staying the same.

    Knowing the risks will better equip your organization to take the steps necessary to limit the threat of cyberattacks.

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