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    Email is the door through which nearly all vital business communication flows – and the one where virtually all cyberattacks begin. As ransomware, phishing, brand impersonation and malware become more advanced, your email security needs to as well. That’s where Mimecast comes in.


    of CISOs saw an increase in email-based threats in 2022

    Legacy security solutions aren’t enough to keep up with today’s sophisticated and expanding threat landscape.


    of consumers willingly click on email links from favorite brands

    Without email authentication, anyone can spoof your brand’s domain and send malicious emails to customers and partners.


    increase in quishing attacks just in the last year

    QR phishing attacks are only getting more sophisticated, which makes preventing them the best defense.

    Whatever your communication challenges, Mimecast has a solution.


    Relentless phishing attacks

    Our Advanced Email Security product improves protection with real-time threat analysis and filtering before emails get opened.


    Costly business email compromise

    Leverage industry-leading AI to defend your employees from sophisticated social engineering and business email compromise attacks.


    Sophisticated domain spoofing

    Mimecast DMARC Analyzer makes it easier to stop email impersonation and deter fraud that steals your good name.


    Vulnerable collaboration tools

    Defend against threats to your expanding attack surface by protecting Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.


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    Block email-based threats with AI-powered, industry-leading detection trusted by more than 42,000 customers.


    Find a Mimecast plan that fits your needs

    You’re up against difficult business challenges. Mimecast is here to help. Pick between a variety of plans and find solutions to your most challenging issues.

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    Mimecast is proud to protect and support 42,000+ organizations globally, helping
    them navigate the ever-expanding security threat landscape.


    Protect Communications FAQs

    Email is cybercriminals’ method of choice for entering business networks and stealing from them; email is also most organizations’ primary means of communications. Thus, email security safeguards employee communication and reduces risk with targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced email security controls. Multiple layers of email security protection are required to stop known and emerging email-borne threats before they reach your organization’s environment.

    Email is only as secure as organizations make it. Any IT department can spin up an email server, assign email addresses, and then let things run unchecked for users until there is a problem. Realistically, however, in today’s world of ever-increasing cyberattacks, securing email must be a top priority for every organization. Most cyberattacks arrive via email. This means that not only does the IT department need to be on guard, but every single user in the organization must be trained to look out for the threats that will arrive via their inbox. With the right set of integrated security tools and the right training, organizations can stop most email-based attacks before they ever launch. Email security takes time and takes effort, but it is not an impossibility with the right set of integrated tools and security awareness training.
    Organizations are seeing a massive rise in cyberattacks. Legitimate business emails can contain the sensitive information cybercriminals need in order to access and exploit critical business systems. Phishing emails can give cybercriminals instant access to an organization’s entire network in just one click. Even with proper email security training, data breaches can still occur. Organizations need cloud-based email solutions that offer encryption, targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced email security controls.
    Organizations that need to strengthen their email security should start by taking the risks posed by cybercriminals very seriously. Organizations of all sizes across the world are being targeted daily by email-based attacks. These organizations need to start by building cyberthreat awareness across their entire organization, not just in their IT department. Much of this can be accomplished through cyber awareness training programs. Organizations also need to do the research necessary to truly understand the specific threats they are facing, including conducting a complete audit of their current security tools. Once the organization understands where they stand, they need to move forward with implementing security policies, enabling encryption at every endpoint, using threat intelligence to stay secure, and continually testing their ability to stop and recover from various types of cyberattacks. Organizations also need to govern user behavior for tools, devices, and repositories, as well as tighten password policies and account access. Lastly, organizations need to look toward the latest advancements in technology, such as tools that use AI to recognize and share cyberattack information across their entire integrated security stack.
    Organizations need an email security solution that stops malware, spam, and advanced threats using targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced email security controls. While team members should always be trained in proper email security, solutions need to be automated, cloud-based, and offer encryption. Email security solutions should work in the background and not impede user productivity. When evaluating email security companies, organizations need to find an email security partner with the right tools to prevent, detect, and respond quickly to phishing attacks and other email-based threats.

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