Mimecast Education


    Master Your Mimecast Solution with Training From Our Experts

    Mimecast Education provides you with everything you need to be successful with your Mimecast solution. All our content is available on Mimecast University and easily accessible. 

    We offer both on-demand and live instructor-led training from our Mimecast experts. On-demand training allows you to learn online at your own pace, while our instructor-led training sessions provides a more personalized virtual experience.

    In addition to the training content provided, we also offer our Mimecast customers the option to complete various product certifications on the Mimecast University platform.

    How It Works

    Why Mimecast education?

    • Engaging training through live, instructor-led training and hands-on exercises in a Mimecast training environment.
    • Empower employees by investing in their education and skills development.
    • Faster time to value, innovation, and issue resolution.
    • We also offer On-Demand (recorded) training and certifications per product

    Courses by product

    Get connected faster with training courses specific to your Mimecast solution.

    • Email Security, Cloud Gateway
    • Email Continuity
    • Internal Email Protect & Threat Remediation
    • Targeted Threat Protection
    • Cloud Archive
    • DMARC Analyzer
    • Brand Exploit Protect
    • API’s
    • Awareness Training
    • Web Security

    Introducing Mimecast’s multilevel certification program

    The Mimecast Technical certification program is an industry standard in excellence that will help you validate your level of skill and knowledge of specific Mimecast products and services. We offer two levels of certification for the Email Security, Cloud Gateway platform, as well as additional certifications per product for Awareness Training, Archiving, Web Security and DMARC Analyzer to name a few. The program is designed to help you master your business-critical cyber security solutions as well as enhance your professional credibility in providing quantifiable proof of your skills and knowledge.

    Learning Paths

    Level 1 – Email Security, Cloud Gateway Fundamentals

    In this path you’ll learn the fundamentals of Email Security, Cloud Gateway, be introduced to the product concepts of how to keep email flowing, and how to access live and historical mail. It also provides an understanding on account analytics, reporting and threat intelligence

    Level 2 – Email Security, Cloud Gateway Advanced

    In this path you’ll learn how to fine tune your skills and dive a bit deeper to understand and analyze cyber threats, administer and configure end user applications. We also offer product specific certifications which is also outlined in the below program guide.


    Join our Education experience

    The Mimecast Education platform, also referred to as Mimecast University, is available to your entire organization. Although most courses are focussed on the administration of the platform, we also offer courses on topics that would be valuable to your marketing and communication teams as well as your end users.

    • Hands-on, engaging training through live, instructor-led training.
    • Employees feel empowered by company investment in them and enhanced skills to perform their jobs.
    • Flexible training schedule with instructors around the globe.
    • Faster time to value, innovation, and issue resolution.
    • Multi-level, extensive library of content for those just getting started or seasoned professionals.
    • Knowledge Base materials for deep product content.
    • Courses to deepen your understanding of the entire product suite.
    • Exams to become Mimecast Certified.
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